382. Insomniac


11pm, it’s late again.

Time to close your eyes.

No moon in sight to make it light,

Darkness descends and lies.

12am, two hours past ten.

Another day is gone.

You stare at nothing, yet everything,

While deciding which side to rest on.

1am, the hour when…

Your thoughts decide to party:

Dance and drink, and overthink…

Rage and disagree.

2am, you grab a pen,

To silence the noise inside;

Write it out, reread, and doubt…

Which words you should confide.

3am, you drop the pen,

Too tired to think clearly.

There are no words that aren’t cowards,

And cowardice costs dearly.

4am, near dawn again.

The world will soon awake,

And you will stare, lost in despair,

Of the sun you will forsake.

5am, You lie and then…

Fall down deeply into sleep.

Finally at rest, yes, you sleep best,

After you ponder and weep.

K. Aldaya, 1/16/17

Picture:  https://www.walldevil.com/13623-bokeh-books-empty-lights-manmade-night-notebook-pages-wind.html


177. Bloodwork


Nothing I say means one bit to this world,

Or anything on it which dwells.

For eyes which can see,

May not read what doth be,

In the ink-work that on paper quells.

Words may have form and a structure to glean,

But what of the hand which was moved?

To flow and work out,

Scripting as monks devout,

In pursuit of a burdens’ remove?

Yea, O’ to you, who care not what and who,

Has drawn out blood in a known spread,

To show the soul pain,

A person’s heart and brain,

And close your eyes whisp’ring…

“Tears aren’t shed”.

K. Aldaya, 10/14/05

Picture:  “Hush” by Nelleke on Deviant Art; http://www.deviantart.com/art/Hush-422553246