381. Dissociation


Time escapes me again…

Slips through my trembling fingers;

Rushes on into the future…

And life: it occurs.

In the void I sit…

Between life and it’s future dawn;

Where I waste precious hours,

As time ticks right on.

Time is not my friend,

And walks past me nonchalantly;

So I ever return to time in mourning,

Of the hours which have left me.

K. Aldaya, 1/13/17

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354. Stuck in Time


Time blows around me;

Stuck in place, I feel it pass me,

And sings it’s haunted lullaby,

Of what will never be.

I watch the time and people pass;

They wave as they walk right past.

For a moment we knew each other,

And then that moment became the past.

I stand in place and wave goodbye,

And wish them all the best and try…

To be happy they are moving on;

Though secretly I want to cry.

No one stays and no one should.

I’m lost to time and no one could,

Stay here long without a cost,

And there’s no reason why they would.

Time drift’s on and passes me,

Along with everyone I see.

Is anyone else left behind,

To make the time less lonely?

-Time blows around me.

Stuck in place I feel it pass me,

And sings it’s haunted lullaby,

Of what will never be.

K. Aldaya, 5/14/16

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179. Present Realities Have a Tendency to Change


Oh, how has time flown on so fast?

We shall not know ’til our breaths’ last;

When we’ll transcend its’ confines.

Our spirits but dark shadows cast…

Just brief once-spoken lines.

We must not let our shadows fall,

Before our hearts be free to call;

Echo: “A life was lived!”, throughout,

Every sculpted corridor and hall.

So it’ll linger soft and devout,

In the constructs of existence,

We know…but soon will doubt.

K. Aldaya, 10/19/05

Picture:  Originally on http://theuberblog.tumblr.com/; Photographer Unknown; http://favim.com/image/184721/

137. Hearts of Hope

I rode by Hope Drive today,

On a day as any day,

Steady on the sought-for path,

Chasing fluid-dreams that below gray clouds hath.

What is it about this land,

Which makes us e’er strive o’er sand?

Shifted by the winds of chance,

On roads we flow on in a lively dance.

Little known about the course,

But for the sun and moons’ source.

Predictable dances danced,

To the flourishing of us: daily entranced.

Bearing caskets of regret,

And pains dug-up from times’ set.

Creaking-timber haunts foots stepped,

Upon aged-stone where progress is oft’ backswept.

Then a season comes to clear,

For a moment trusts seem near.

On a day like any other,

The tired road traveled passes another.

Desires to continue…,

Trust in humans found anew.

“Life is short”, we echo out,

As a brazen bell of funerals devout.

So we drive along our way,

Each and every bloody day,

Stepping on the cracks we’ve made,

On roads we ride on in daily masquerade.

Our footprints cut in the cracks,

Pouring crimson hurts from backs,

Over-burdened with remorse,

From the afflictions of predescended course.

Even with our scarlet feet,

Weeping from our journeys’ seat.

Eyes glisten with the sure sight,

Of a Hope Drive: reminding us of the light!

I rode by Hope Drive today,

On a day as any day,

Steady on lifes’ constant path,

Chasing the hope of dreams which each heart hath.

K. Aldaya, 5/7/05

104. The Present Light


Clouds drifting. Sun shifting.

Light shines down, all around.

What a thrill in this chill,

To see morn, Earth adorn,

With new life, ‘mid old strife.

Smile and cheer.  New days here.

Forget past.  Future’s fast!

Beauty ’round.  Nature abound.

See it well, for I tell:

“Days as this aren’t to miss!”

Many will grow more nil.

With times’ pass, lose their mass.

As it knows, time fast goes!

Breathe it in, days’ begin.

For this day will pass away,

And cannot forever stay.

K. Aldaya, 11/16/04

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://images.naldzgraphics.net/2010/08/36-winter-sunrise-wallpaper.jpg

26. Time


Life then death, that’s how it goes.

Time slips by and no one knows,

How to slow it.

How to pause it.

How to stop it.

Life ticks away with every breath and second.

Listen and you’ll hear it’s rhythm and beckon.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock it goes.

Going, going, going…it goes.

The sands of the hourglass fall swiftly down,

Down, down,

And thus so do we down into the ground.

Time keeps on going forever and more,

Bringing us stranded on death’s open shore.

Life then death. That’s how it goes.

Listen to the sound that no one knows,

How to slow.

How to pause.

How to stop.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock it goes.

How to stop it? No one knows.

So it goes, goes, goes, goes.

Goes, goes, goes.

K. Aldaya, 8/19/02

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://ak0.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/1877860/preview/stock-footage-extreme-close-up-sands-move-through-hour-glass.jpg