392. Identity


Who am I in this moment?

Well that depends on who you ask.

I am many different people,

Each with their own personal task.

How does one get anything done,

With so many different plans;

And so little time to work at them,

Before they will change hands?

Then off toward another goal,

Weaving through the field of mind,

Where players with their set positions,

Have their own goals in kind.

Tell me who I really am.

I bet you think you know!

Yet if you knew me at all,

You’d see I both come and go.

The game of life moves me,

Up and down the field.

In confusion getting nowhere,

Stuck eternally mid-field.

I see the goal right there,

And sometimes get quite near,

Only to find myself mid-field,

With another goal I fear.

Who am I in this moment?

I’m afraid that you will find.

I’m not the “one” you thought I was,

Rather “many”, in one mind.

K. Aldaya, 4/15/17

Picture: From CNN.com; http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/11/football/euro-2016-switzerland-albania/


30. The Jungle of Forever

dark forest spot

Here I am amidst this vast, dense jungle. How did I get here whence I came?

Green trees they reach high toward the sky, with each moment seeming larger.

The air is heavy with misty droplets that settle inside and weigh the heart down.

To the right: Fog and darkness

To the left: Black and gray

Underfoot is fresh green grass that’s life fades as you make your way out,

‘Til no grass is left; only blackened soil. “How do I leave this place”, I yell,

“And how did I get here”? My voice echoes and echoes ’til it can be heard no more.

“Please, help me. Please don’t leave me here”, I cry!

But all my voice does is slowly fade and then die.

I’m too scared to move or make another sound knowing not what the darkness holds,

So here I am still in this immense black jungle, not knowing why or how;

Not knowing how to escape from this prison.

This prison that holds me.

That holds me with it’s depths of misery and sadness.

Holds me down to that spot, in the vast jungle,

In that dark place where none can escape once there.

Where none can ever, ever escape.

K. Aldaya, 10/20/02

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://f.nanafiles.co.il/upload/Xternal/IsraBlog/37/91/82/829137/misc/26914710.jpg