386. Sandstorm

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Sands drift around…

Up in the air,

Then back to the ground.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

The wind is your friend…

Pushing you on,

But when does it end?

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Sand’s in my lungs.

It’s hard to breathe,

And you’ve just begun.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Grains full of rage.

Can we start over?

Write a new page?

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

I’ll suffocate!

Hours have passed,

And it’s getting late.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Words propagate.

We can’t start over;

It is too late.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Reach to the door…

Slam it behind you;

That’s what they’re for.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Left in your dust.

Please don’t come back,

I’m starting to rust.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Leave me alone.

My skin is cracking.

I’m turning to bone.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Dusts float your way.

I’m lost in your words.

I’m fading away.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

You move away.

Yet now I am dust.

And dust drifts away.

K. Aldaya, 2/22/17

Picture: “Sandhouse Sienna Room” by Cary Wolinsky; http://www.carywolinskyphotographs.com/sandhouse-series#/sandhouse-blue-1-2-1/; https://limeduck.com/feast-for-the-eyes/

120. The Storm

Not all is lost,

In the flashing of light;

In the heavy charred and scarred…

Twirling…whirling, as fairies in twilight.

Calming: distrust.

Lightning Storm at Beach Over the Atlantic Ocean

For not all is lost,

In the brazen cold rain,

Brutal sun-execution.

Darkn’ning…yet hark’ning…

A mighty pound gain.

Quiet: chaosed.

Not all is lost,

See? Can you see tragedy?

Bolts of swift tumult reign.

Hear? Can you hear?

Look A man on the sea!

Conceiving this tempest,

With power embossed.

To calm, when timely, the storm within thee!

K. Aldaya, 2/3/05

Picture:  “Lightning Storm At Beach Over The Atlantic Ocean” by Kim Seng: http://captainkimo.com/; http://imgarcade.com/1/lightning-ocean-storm/