233. Random Thoughts #7

Short Thought

Everything I do is wrong.

Nothing is ever right.

No matter what they say….or I do,

The sun will never rise at night……..,

I’ll never be alright.




I like that I am crazy.

Crazies have more fun!

I’m happy that I’m crazy,

Just don’t hand me a gun!

I’m suicidal constantly,

There’s another voice just for that.

One for self-harm, one meek,

And maybe one a cat?

I like that I am crazy.

Crazies have more fun.

I’m so happy that I’m crazy.

The fun, fun, fun, fun, fun….bang…

I’m done.

K. Aldaya, 03/2013

Picture: “Crazy Girl” by natalevi on Deviant Art; http://natalevi.deviantart.com/art/Crazy-Girl-302199564

172. Random Thoughts #5

Twisted Game

Sometimes I feel this must be one sick game.

To see how many times the heart can break, before it dies in shame.

Make us feel at one moment, loved and cared about,

Then lose everything and all purpose doubt.

Compounded Insults

You don’t know….though I wish you did,

The insults pulled-out from where they hid.

Piled up tall in the shadow of years,

In note of consents for all of the fears.

K. Aldaya, ’05

91. Random Thoughts #2

Truth Unseen

Dreams call.

Nightmares shake.

To the living world I wake.

Wishing still,

For clarity,

‘Cause truth is still a rarity.

K. Aldaya, 10/28/04

Winning Despair

Tears alone,

From fears unknown.

Fake’s release,

Forsakes the peace.

Trepidation there.

Won:  vast despair.

K. Aldaya, 2/05