200. A New Day


The drawn-out night has met its’ end,

And the daylight burns its’ memory.

With every moment black descends,

Into shadows and fantasy.

The dawn is here,

The sun is near,

To basking all the earth and sea.

We walk along our lonely roads,

The roads set out for us.

As rays parade the rocks and stones,

The shadows fade from us.

We glance behind.

Hear: “No more rewind!”,

And turn to greet our destinies.

K. Aldaya, 6/20/06

Pictures: Photographer Unknown; http://www.fotothing.com/photos/ebd/ebd556d700b9e5c075c476bb15b5ecdb.jpg


114. The Faithful Dawn


Rose pedals melt into the haze,

Brushed by the beads of light,

Whisp’ring to the wind a song,

Of the ceasing night.

Dancing on the velvet streaks,

The joyous, for their joy, express.

Dawn carries the new hope of life,

On clouds of faithfulness.

K. Aldaya, 1/11/05

Picture:  “Dawn” by Smattila on Deviant Art; http://smattila.deviantart.com/art/Dawn-33368748

35. The Past Forever


Here we are on this new morn,

We wish knowledge may be born;

To the past forever on its’ way,

To find the night and lose the day.

We want to change some things,

A choice can’t take back what it brings.

For the past is forever on its’ way,

To find the night and lose the day.

But alas with each new suns’ ray,

We are given a recreated day,

To make the best of in every way.

K. Aldaya, 2/24/04

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://www.thecampuscompanion.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/beautiful_sunrise_on_green_meadow.jpg

7. Point of Decision


There comes a point when you must change, everything, and roam a new range.

Your old ways no longer will do. Absolutely, a new path is set for you.

You realize now, what you had done, incorrectly, and finally walk into the sun.

There comes a point in your life, believe me, you will need to lose that strife.

You must learn, do what works, unquestionably; and toss the old that lurks.

Move on now to a better day, unmistakably; a new one in every way.

K. Aldaya, 6/21/03

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://blog.sendgrid.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/iStock_000000627358Small.jpg