490. The Zoo


Monkey swing across the bars.

Monkey see. Monkey do.

You are but one tiny speck,

Inside a cosmic zoo.

Play the part and socialize.

Be the best you can be;

As long as you don’t mope ’bout,

Or wish that you were free.

Entertain. Live and fit-in.

Walk in rounds ’til you’re sick.

Don’t wonder ’bout breaking out.

Fighting instinct’s tragic!

Monkey swing across the bars.

Monkey blind. Monkey sad.

If you’re mere biology,

Existing should make you glad.

Monkey swing…

…Monkey fall.

K. Aldaya, 9/11/19

Picture: By: Chris Yang on Unsplash; https://unsplash.com/photos/4CZ4lZGX53g

460. Autumn Reverie

The leaves, they always danced for me,

Like ghosts at a haunted ball;

Maybe that’s why I always went,

For walks more in the Fall.

The ghosts seemed almost happy then,

As they drifted to and fro;

And I wondered if it was all for me,

Or they had some place to go?

Either way, it made me smile,

As they pranced across the ground;

Spinning the leaves in circles ,

As I lightly skipped around.

I liked to think they knew that I,

Thought about them often;

And perhaps they were smiling too,

To know not all of the world had forgotten.

For there they were, and there I was,

And although we could not touch.

I felt them, and they felt me,

And though it may not account for much…

The leaves, they always danced for me,

Like ghosts at a haunted ball,

And I’ve always been invited,

To attend each festive fall.

And dance, and smile, not just for me,…

….but for us all.

K. Aldaya, 11/5/18

Picture: http://wallpaperswide.com/autumn_walk-wallpapers.html

444. Embrace


I climb onto the highest branch,

As the winds caress the leaves.

All about the forest,

The fairies sit on eaves,…

Humming, as they rest.

The sky is filled up to the brim,

With loose clouds swimming about,

That with delighted care,

Will soften themselves out,

To drift into the air.

I sit on the branch as the wind,

Soothes and permeates beneath,

The hard shell carried ’bout,

As a protective sheath,

From other forms about.

They do not understand me wind.

They don’t discern you either.

Why you love to wander:

To feel, and to occur,…

Within life…and yonder.

To the very ends of the world,

And to the depths of the soul.

To feel more than mere words,

Could e’er hope to extol,

In the aria’s of birds.

I am not afraid of the wind,

Which penetrates through the skin.

Yet, I fear humankind,

For what they do to skin,

To rape the soul and mind.

I climb onto the highest branch,

As the winds pass through with ease.

Close my eyes and breathe-in,

That gentle summer breeze,

Which embraces within…

For a moment……………………and forever.

K. Aldaya, 6/16/18

Picture: https://wallpaperstock.net/woman-red-hair-dress-rose-tree-wallpapers_w41750.html

436. “We”

We work in the shadows with an air of civility,

Dropping the pants of a world undisclosed;

Where eyes vilify the skirted and clothed,

For breeding the sins of the overexposed.

We move softly in the shadows eclipsed by “the unsaid”.

With the weight of morality on our backs.

We amend with checks and our very souls,

As we drift namelessly, and fall through the cracks.

We’re the shame and mortification of being alive.

Our breasts, and sex, are man’s nature denied.

Shunned from the sun and logical discourse;

The raw…the real…the gospel lost inside…

Mirrors heedless of reflection.

K. Aldaya, 4/13/18

Picture: http://www.harbus.org/2018/what-women-want/

367. Savage


I am a savage.

I remember my days in the jungle.

The feel of mud ‘tween my toes.

The rush of adrenaline,

From head to toe.

Blood raging to win.

I am a savage.

I remember my nights under the moon.

The feel of winds blowing over,

The heavy lids of the earth,

Falling to cover.

In death is rebirth.

I am a savage.

I remember my days on the Earth.

The feel of dust and thirst.

The yearning to drink and feast.

Devoured or nursed.

Nothing but a beast.

K. Aldaya, 9/18/16

Picture: Original Source Unknown; http://sscinnovate.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-barefoot-minimalist-and-forefoot.html

362. That Is Where I’ll Be

If you can not find me. I’ll tell you where I’ll be…


–My heart belongs to the ocean.

My arms belong to the skies.

My soul belongs to the mountains,

My breath forever flies,

Upon the drifting winds,

Of Earth’s loving embrace;

And sings to me a lullaby,

As meteors give chase…

Seeking that which only those,

Born of earth, may find:

A home within the woodlands,

And a peacefulness of mind;

Where mother sings us to sleep,

Beneath the vast beyond,

And tucks us in with billowed clouds,

And a heart profoundly fond.

My heart belongs to the ocean.

My feet belong to the breeze.

My soul belongs to the mountains,

My home’s among the trees.–

That is where you’ll find me…

…That is where I’ll be.

K. Aldaya, 8/15/16

Picture:  http://www.wall321.com/Nature/Forests/water_outer_space_trees_dark_night_stars_forest_darker_than_black_anime_shooting_star_lakes_reflecti_1031

317. Cosmic Sky Seas


I long to swim in the white mists of the sky.

Dive into those wispy waves.

Soak my body in the atmosphere.

Sink deep…and high.

I long to submerge into crystalline skies.

Feel the touch of transcendence.

Floating and descending within waves,

Of buoyant sighs.

I long to immerse in empyrean heights.

Lie on back and levitate,

Upon the skin of a universe;

And drown in the sights,

Of our cosmic sky seas.

K. Aldaya, 9/05/15

Picture:  http://jinqiaojs.com/sun-clouds-03s/download-sun-clouds-31r

314. The Sorceress


They say she is a Goddess,

And that the Gods she hears,

Though if you were to ask her,

She’d say, “Listen with your ears”.

The Earth is full of Spirits,

And their voices echo.

If you’re still and silent,

You may learn to hear, and know;

That there is life around you,

In every flower and tree.

In every bird soaring the skies.

In every buzzing bee.

She prophesies true beauty,

In the songs she sings each day,

To the universes’ melody,

Which holds her in its’ sway.

They say she is a Sorceress,

Whose voice divines the fates,

Though if you were to ask her,

She’d say she,”Simply narrates”.

For the story is being told,

In all of creation,

And if you were to listen,

You’d see all things have relation.

They say she is an enchantress,

Whose incantations hex,

Though if you’d only listen,

You’d hear the Analects:

Of nature and existence,

Of beautiful complexities;

Revelations and connections,

Which sing upon the breeze.

K. Aldaya, 7/30/15

Picture: Photo for Anna Sui Collection for O’Neill; https://instagram.com/p/1bMmWgJTaP/

271. On a Path Through The Woods


There is a path through the woods,

Which winds and twists a course,

Through its’ bold coniferous steeples,

Rising from their source:

The earth and its’ wood-spirits,

They call out from the deep.

Why is it those voices seep through me,

And stir my soul to weep?

What words have I to write-out,

Of how lovely and rich?

The forests are, to those who can hear,

In the ‘unheard’ pitch.

Of light fairy fantasies.

Flowing brooks and rivers.

Of high, ancient trunks as wise as Gods;

And time, which delivers….

A carefree hum on the breeze.

Hum: to the flow of life…

And death, where spirits dwell lost in dance;

Where I, and my life,

May drift into their trance…

On a path through the woods.

K. Aldaya, 5/27/14

Picture:  Artist Unknown; Originally from Crazy-Frankenstein.com; http://www.jogjis.com/stock/summer-forest-wallpapers.jpg

260. To Be a Tree


I wonder what it’s like to be a tree?

To be rooted in the earth?

To be part of it?

Important from birth?

A vital spirit?

I wonder what it’s like to have a home?

To serenely be drinking,

Acceptance by soil?

Not one time thinking,

Of leaving to toil?

I wonder what it’s like to be a tree?

To firmly flow with time on?

Unshakable; strong.

Tree? What’s it like at dawn…..

…to belong?

K. Aldaya, 2/27/14

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://www.tgraphic.com/userimages/Gallery/Nature/TGraphic_com-Full-Nature-tree-sunset.jpg

167. Written In the Stars

Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky

The stars on this eve,

Endless and vast, radiate;

With acceptance and light,

For whatever’s my fate.

Be it low. Be it great.

My yearning for reason,

Endlessly brings me out,

Into the darkness of night,

Seeing stars and worlds we doubt;

Though they’re always about.

Glistening in each eye,

As stars in this black-sky,

Are the flows of why….oh why?

Must I cry and die,

Alone beneath the sky?

No connections made,

Or constellations love-laid.

No compassion. Encourage.

And further lights fade;

For sore punishments paid.

Stars befriend sight,

With steady understanding.

For they know why I’m here,

Pleasant and ne’er demanding.

Never screaming nor commanding.

Stars do remind me,

Of what I truly am.

A lowly hint of glow,

Out of line with times’ program.

I sunk….then I swam.

For stars on this eve,

Endless and vast radiate,

With acceptance and light,

For what’s surely my fate,

Ever low. Never great.

K. Aldaya, 9/22/05

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://amazingpics.net/content/Lovely%20Forests/forests%20138.jpg

145. Freedom to Dream

The birds fly through the trees,

Enriching our eyes with each glimpse.

The freedoms we seek from birth,

Flowing on wings of fair-primps:

Feathers of nature-bound worth.

Whisper your secrets to me on air,

Creaking down stagnant-dreamers:

Trees that reach toward the heavens,

Entreating enchantment-glimmers.

From the sun of divine-leavens.


Float through the halls of Valhalla,

O’ blessed creatures, soar and deliver,

The glory-soaked emancipations,

Of souls of vast times…now a quiver;

On birds with knowledge for all nations.

Freedom’s not a gift or privilege,

Something given to only a few.

Freedom’s what every spirit born,

Through all times and every land through,

Needs to count themselves earth-born.

For just as the sun daily shines,

And the trees reach to catch its’ beams.

The birds, just as us, must seek also,

To live an existence which gleams.

And flying with wings let ago…

As all the souls who’ve come and go,

To find life is a haven of limitless dreams!

K. Aldaya, 6/11/05

Picture:  “Soar” by Nomadlens; http://www.nomadlens.com/old/index-showimage=60.php.html

108. Golden Memories


On a day many years ago,

In a town of old,

I walked the streets of gray,

To find myself some gold.

Not the gold that feeds the hand,

But a gold inside.

A moment that sparkles a kind,

Memory, for heart to hide.

Just one moment of a tree,

With brightly colored leaves.

In this autumn this old tree,

Kind remembrance ‘chieves.

It only takes a small deep glance,

At a common beauty,

To store away the memories of ,

All which the Earth finds duty.

Don’t forget to take a breath,

And see all there is to see.

For these lovely visions are,

What can make heart’s free.

K. Aldaya, 12/4/04

Picture:  “An Autumn Stroll-West Bennington Vermont” by Thomas Schoeller: http://thomas-schoeller.artistwebsites.com/; http://fineartamerica.com/featured/an-autumn-stroll-west-bennington-vermont-thomas-schoeller.html

100. Winters’ Entrance


Leaves in the autumn breeze float, flip, and turn.

Soon will come winters’ freeze,

Snow and cold earn.

End of these colored-days,

Blank branches show.

A leaf slowly fade-aways,

And soon there is snow!

K. Aldaya, 11/08/04

Picture:  “Snow Around Billericay” by Rhea Fowler; http://blog.dormify.com/style-notes/easy-winter-decorations/attachment/snow-around-billericay-676029

71. The Seed


A seed is dropped upon the ground,

Without a notice, without a sound.

Among lavished fields expanse,

Flowers, trees, and grass-blades dance.

Wind moves on, time on by,

Seed to flower there does lie.

Flower that swayed all alone,

Between two grand slabs of stone.

Flower with more flowers ’round,

But none in this constricting ground.

Flowing on, day by day,

Sun came, shined, then went away.

The flower held in the shadows,

Separate, unnoticed, ‘mid field flowers.

With the shade shed each day,

The flower lost some sun its’ way.

The rain poured down through the field,

‘Tween rock it never quite healed.

Drowning in the bitter-cold soil,

With sun-rays never to foil.

Flower tired from the fight,

Hopes to live another night.

Then one day a seed lands near,

Rain settled from falling here.

Long enough for many a seed,

To find good soil here to feed.

But the flower faded away,

Just as the new flowers say:

“You’re just like us you are”.

“Stay with us. Don’t go far”.

“You can’t leave! Not yet!”

“The sun is not a-setting yet”.

“Just forget about the wet,

Forget about the cold-sad nights,

With loneliness to lend your frights.”

But flower had already changed,

Into something un-arranged.

Flower was flower no more.

Fragment left of its’ true core.

Flowers come and flowers go,

But ‘tween those rocks they grow and grow.

Never recalling that seed long ago,

Which longed to be flower you know,

But wilted ‘fore this could be so.

K. Aldaya, 9/2/04

Picture:  “Field of Daisies and Wild Flowers with Rocky Mountains in Background” by Sandra Cunningham; http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-83264833/stock-photo-field-of-daisies-and-wild-flowers-with-rocky-mountains-in-background.html

44. The Sky


At times when I think nothing is right,

And I feel that I am losing this fight.

When people are really cruel and vile,

One can get to feel dreadfully futile.

That is when you need the wide sky,

A vision of happy to see with your eye.

Each sky is different than ever before,

Up where the clouds and birds ever soar.

Looking at sunbeams through the white clouds,

Wastes away all of your life’s sad shrouds.

In raising your attentions heaven-bound.

It gives you a chance to lose earth ground.

You no longer are a tormented soul,

But ‘God’ has you and you feel whole.

Just for a little while you are at peace,

Until you return back to the pit without cease.

K. Aldaya, 3/10/04

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://environmental-life-ministries.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/sun_sky_1.jpg