161. Messages of Love

Film Title: Snow White and the Huntsman

I see me here in your view,

Clinging to the signs,

I see those messages from you,

Thriving with choking vines:

Living to die in vain.

From childhood a stranger,

To the idle dream-work,

Of others, who meant danger.

Shadows to creep and lurk,

There condemned asunder.

To be not kindred with the throng,

Those mortals and mortalities.

Driven hand-in-hand along,

Complete in their normalities.

With vitality and fortitude.

I turned to the specters,

Instead of fighting on,

And followed perfumed nectars,

Into bleak woods a’drawn,

To fall in sleep ‘neath death-trees.

Waking mislaid on ashened-soil.

Below a strangled tree, gasping,

For breath in whole fret toil,

As on every branch clasping…

Vines: living to die in vain.

To see me there harshly met,

By natures’ lethal tragedies.

Hope to not forget,

In pains the eye foresees,

In sympathies to comprehend.

For though death may greet me.

The time means not the matter.

I strived on in such degree,

As to surely scatter,

The living death thought to be vain.

For to see me in your view,

Clinging to those signs,

Given in messages through,

Thriving-on-me vain vines,

Shows my life and death not vain.

K. Aldaya, 8/28/05

Pictures: Snow White and the Huntsman: Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth; http://cdn.sheknows.com/articles/2012/05/Snow_White_with_Huntsman_2.jpg