502. You

Life was not worth living,

But I had to live on through,

So I could travel to the day,

I got to meet you.

I can’t say it was worth it,

I can’t say it was not.

I only know you came into my life,

And I love you a lot.

Life is not all good or bad,

And it’s not a balanced load.

Yet we somehow tumble along,

To find what resembles a road.

I can’t say it’s even a road.

It may be merely a plot.

I only know that this is life,

And fair, it’s often not.

There’s little I am sure about,

Though one thing I hold true.

I would not be writing this now,

If I had not met you.

When life feels not worth living,

I hope others may live on through,

So they can travel to that day,

They meet their someone too;

And say maybe it was worth it,

Or maybe it was not.

For who can reconcile a heart in love?

And mine,…loves you a lot.

K. Aldaya, 12/21/19

Picture: From Freestocks.org on Unsplash; https://unsplash.com/photos/a1Fmxesw31g

478. The Elsewhere

In the stillness of night she leaves,

The world and time behind.

She slips out of her bones,

And deep into her mind;

Where dream and reality meet, and,…

Breath upon breath create,…

Life, in desolation.

Feeling’s merely innate.

A door appears, she touches the knob,

And turns it, but slightly.

With a click, it opens.

She enters and closes it tightly.

Within is shelter, and protection;

Lost,…misplaced from the start.

Yearning becomes misery,

When men forget the heart.

Would you seek and pull her out from there?

Would you tell her she’s wrong?

That she’s better off staying,

And just suffering along?

For who knows what the answer should be,

To loss and sentiment.

If time can’t be rewound,

Should love and safety remain absent?

In the stillness of night she leaves,

To find what can not be.

Life is not fair they say,

And nothing is for free.

So, do not judge as she slips away,

Out of her bones and mind.

Oft’ we must seek elsewhere,

That which we’ve yet to find.

K. Aldaya, 5/25/19

Picture: By Sam Burriss on Unsplash; https://themighty.com/2017/10/how-to-help-dissociative-episode/

452. My Heart is Where You Are

I hear your voice call out to me,

For where you are, is where I’ll be.

No matter how near or how far,

My heart is where you are.

I see your face in all my dreams,

For time is never what it seems.

No matter what the hour may be,

Your smile is what I’ll see.

I feel the warmth of your embrace,

For your taction makes my heart race.

No matter how the wind’s may chill,

Your life will warm me still.

I sense your soul, it’s always there.

You’re in my heart and everywhere.

No matter what occurs tomorrow,

Where you are…I will go.

I hear your voice call out to me,

For where you are, is where I’ll be.

No matter how near or how far,

My heart is where you are.

K. Aldaya, 8/10/18

Picture: https://pixabay.com/en/balloon-heart-love-romance-sky-1046658/

445. If I’d Have Had Your Love

I’d have been a good daughter,

If I’d have had your love.

I’d have done anything for you,

If I’d have had your love.

I could have endured anything,

If I’d have had your love.

It all would have been okay,

If I’d have had your love.

If I’d have had your love…

…It would have been enough.

K. Aldaya, 6/17/18

424. Human

No, I’m not a generic “white person”,

And no one should ever be.

We’re all our own people,

So stop stereotyping me.

I’m not a “white person” at all.

I am simply a human being,

And until all understand this,

Racism will always be a thing.

Who cares what you look like.

What are you like inside?

What kind of a soul do you have,

Within this skin we all reside?

All ethnicities…shapes…colors…

We are all the same.

So why can’t we love one another?

Sometimes sight is such a shame!

If we saw no colors…

Then there’d only be a name: Human.

K. Aldaya, 1/26/18

415. Don’t Forget

romantic-couple-wallpaper-290 (1)

Don’t forget to love,

And don’t forget to feel;

For life moves on forever,

Yet only love is real.

Don’t forget the faces,

And don’t forget that hope,

Lingers in the air,

Beyond each life’s scope.

Don’t forget to touch,

And don’t forget to see,

That the only thing of consequence,

Is the heart’s melody.

K. Aldaya, 10/26/17

Picture: http://www.iwallpaper.org/romantic-couple-wallpapers-290

413. Tempus Edax Rerum


Time devours all things,

And life leads but to death,

Yet in your arms a lifetime’s…

Inhaled, in one breath.

Time devours all things,

And we are but one course,

Yet in one kiss, the soul…

Returns to it’s true source.

Time devours all things;

It’s flow is definite.

Ticking on forever…

So we make use of it.



Our love is infinite.

K. Aldaya, 8/30/17

Picture: Original Artist Unknown; http://weheartit.com/entry/24111142; http://littlepawz.tumblr.com/post/18572611002/love-is-the-enchanted-dawn-of-every-heart

411. We Take it With Us

Under a cold and somber spell,

We stand two worlds apart;

Yet though the world’s taken my life,

It will never take my heart!

The heart which loved and cared for you.

A heart which felt love’s sting;

Which beat the bitter tides of fate…

Back, for awhile to sing.

We can not go back now,

For life ever moves on;

And we must move on with it.

Cling tightly.  Hold on…

To hope and future happiness.

In times of change, to feel,

No matter how hurt we are:

Even broken hearts may heal…

Knowing that love goes on.

—-We take it with us.

K. Aldaya, 8/10/17

410. Love Endures

I have never been of noble birth,

Nor lived a wealthy life.

Yet you filled my days with love and mirth,

And though we had our share of strife;

You gave your everything.

Though I was not born into love,

Or cherished as some jewel.

You taught me I was worthy of love,

And though I’ve always been a fool;

You loved me regardless.

And no matter what the days may bring,

We will remember still,

The life we shared together, and sing,

Our odes of love and hope which will,…

Sound, long after our time.

K. Aldaya, 7/27/17

Picture: https://thewondrous.com/cute-couple-pictures/

383. The Soul is a Symphony

sunny field

I wonder what people will say of me,

When I am finally gone?

Will they praise me for my honesty,

Or say that I was wrong?

Will they love my naked words,

Or loathe me as a whore?

Will they understand my words,

And why I always had to say more?

Will they say that I was sick,

Or plain and simply: pessimistic?

Will they think that’s all that made me tick?

That I was never optimistic?

After all is said and done,

I hope no one will ever say,

That I never cherished even one…

Earthly human day.

No one can help or change their path;

It is theirs to walk alone.

You’ll never understand that path;

The only path I’ve ever known.

Yet one thing I must make quite clear…

I crawled, lived, and fought;

And as much as I bore pain and fear,

Love is what I sought.

Beauty is more beautiful,

And happiness more divine,

When you know just how rare and wonderful,

It is to feel the sunshine.

To see flowers bloom each spring.

To watch children smile and glow,

And know that despite everything,

Love continues to nurture and grow.

I wonder what people will think of me,

When I am finally gone.

I hope they’ll realize how fully,

I felt and lived each dawn.

–For the soul is a symphony, not a song.

K. Aldaya, 1/20/17

Picture: https://w-dog.net/wallpaper/mood-girl-a-woman-hair-silhouette-loneliness-thought-meditation-of-mind-the-field-flower-flowers-flower-sunset-sun-night-background-wallpaper-widescreen-full-screen-widescreen-hd-wallpapers-background/id/348657/

364. Us


I cannot sleep. I can’t escape,

The prison of my heart.

The warden holds his keys to me,

Yet I can’t run from my heart,

No matter how much it torments me.

I cannot rest. I dream of you.

My soul’s afflicted by your voice.

Your presence punishes my flesh.

Ah, the warden knows there is no choice…

All men are prisoners of the flesh.

I cannot leave. I can’t escape,

These walls of blood and flesh.

The world is built upon our cells,

Of passion and distress.

For there are no heavens or hells…

Only us.

K. Aldaya, 9/1/16

Picture: from Vampire Diaries; http://www.melty.es/the-originals/photos/

353. Puppet Heart


It reminds me that I’m not loved for me…

I’m loved for what I do;

When I don’t do what’s expected,

(As all those other people do),

I’m swiftly rejected.

No words are needed to remind me that,

My mind’s not important to you.

As long as my body does it’s work,

You’ll treat me as a human too.

I’m nothing but a piece of work.

Even my mind can’t stand for this,

And is gone most of the time.

How is it I don’t have a say,

In controlling what is mine?

So it oft’ seems best just to stay away.

I have to earn my place in your heart,

I’m not enough just being me.

If I didn’t do what I’m supposed to,

Would you ever be able to love me?

Love comes with strings attached.

K. Aldaya, 5/13/16

Picture: By Rosie Hardy on Flickr; http://weheartit.com/entry/group/467124

351. Victims of the Sun


Near and yet so far away,

The pangs of love cut through.

We are only victims of the day;

Of the sun which reaches through,

And sets our hearts on fire.

Hearts rage in the blazing heat,

Pulsing with fresh desires.

Will we able to stop our feet,

From burning in these fires?

When hearts so oft’ rouse our feet?

Near and yet so very far.

Hearts smolder in the sun.

We turn away as our insides char,

For we’ve no choice but to shun,

What will only leave a scar.

K. Aldaya, 5/10/16

Picture:  Original Source Unknown; http://divinetrinitytarot.tumblr.com/post/135661808106/happy-summer-solstice-to-my-followers-in-the

349. Where You Are


If I climbed the tallest mountain,

Would I ever reach your heart?

Can I follow you to where you are,

Where we’ll never be apart?

If I traveled to the stars,

And found the universe;

Could I find space next to you,

And within your soul immerse?

If I found the answers,

To meaning and existence,

Would our destinies be one strand,

Of time’s web, rich and immense?

If I can’t climb that mountain,

Or search the twinkling heavens;

Or if I cannot give you,

The peace vast knowledge sends…

Will you remember that I existed,

If I can’t reach where you are?

Will you care that I had reached for you,

And traveled long and far?

Will you think of me sometimes?

K. Aldaya, 4/20/16

Picture: Uploaded by Helena888 on Favim; http://favim.com/image/3729332/

336. Lying Next to You


Sometimes late at night,

When I’m lying next to you.

I’ll close-in nice and tight,

And listen to your heart beat;

And tears fall down my face,

As I think: “Too good to be true”.

Will you be gone tomorrow without a trace,

When I wake up from this dream?

I’ll close my eyes and etch you out,

Into my memory.

So one day when this dream runs out,

I’ll remember how love felt–

When you were lying next to me.

K. Aldaya, 3/7/16

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://myuntildawnhappyplace.tumblr.com/post/133327709129/preferences-sleeping-positions

319. A Story of Youth


Delivered in the Winter,

Of 1869,

Without mother or father.

I entered the world alone,

And was placed up for a home.

Men and women entered,

To stand and contemplate,

Whether it would be absurd,

To obtain something like me;

Many parents and kids could not agree.

Then after months, one day,

A family saw me,

And resolved they’d indeed pay…

My way into their fine life;

A daughter, father, and loving wife.

Days slipped by without thought,

Or a care in the world,

And soon those days were forgot,

In all of the excitement.

In comfort each day was spent.

I had a family,

And spent each day playing,

With my sweet sister, Emily.

We were best friends forever.

Our bond no one could sever.

We played dress-up and sang,

Of the delight of youth.

Serving black tea and meringue,

In gardens in the Springtime.

Life felt loving and sublime.

Change is a part of life,

And though I knew this well.

It still cut me like a knife,

When Emily ignored me;

And spent no more time with me.

One day in our bedroom,

She saw me, and she sighed.

Then kicked me into a tomb;

And there within that closet,

I sat and cried ’til sunset.

Soon it became routine,

To be hit and disdained;

And no one cared she was mean.

For I was not born to be,

A blood member of the family.

Then a brother was born,

And he would hurt me too.

No one cared my heart was torn;

And no one would rescue me,

Or heal my battered body.

Emily, in Winter,

Many long years later,

Looked at me, and I at her.

With my eyes I cried to her:

“Don’t you miss how things once were?”

“Emily, I love you.”

“The only love I’ve known,

Came from my friendship with you.”

“My only family’s here.”

“So please do not leave me here!”

She reached her hand to mine,

And walked to the window.

Then her eyes returned to mine,

And with disgust she pushed me;

Without time to scream, or plea.

I could no longer feel.

My face was lined with scars.

My legs broke from the ordeal,

And yet I begged forgiveness,

For being born so worthless.

All I wanted was love.

To give and receive it.

For a moment we felt love,

Before expectations changed.

After all: Society’s deranged!

Love grows and fades away.

Nothing lasts forever.

Beauty and youth fade away,

And a souls’ worth goes with it.

The world yells to reject it!

Out with old. In with new.

So the story still goes.

In time, spurned; replaced with the new.

When the novelty runs out,

All things are, like trash, thrown out.

I died in the Winter,

Of 1883.

When my kind, loving sister,

Was no longer young and small,

And too old for childish things, like me, her porcelain doll.

K. Aldaya, 9/17/15

Picture: Painter unknown;  http://www.edmondhistory.org/events/victorian-tea/

318. Privation


I don’t want it to end,

Though I know it cannot last.

I can’t stay and pretend,

That this is going to last.

I can’t hold you ’til the end.

In this moment of protection,

Holding tight against your form,

An internal interjection,

Rages on into a storm:

Imbuing sound dejection.

I can not hold you here with me.

I can not hold you down.

You weren’t meant to live for me.

I’ll only bring you down.

No love is ever free.

I long to lie against you,

For all time, just us two,

Feeling safe beside you;

Yet I know this can’t come true.

I won’t let you stay here too.

Fly out on your wings,

And I will be here waiting.

You’ve those resplendent wings,

So there’s no use debating.

You were meant for better things.

I’ll wake early each morning,

And sit beside the window,

Hoping time will one day bring…

You back here below;

In a distant Spring.

—I long for your touch again.

I long to feel your shelter.

It’s raining outside again.

As my tears run helter-skelter,

I etch them onto paper with pen.

Forgive me, I am weak.

I know it can not be;

Yet my heart continues to seek,

The comfort of your body.

Now all is dark and bleak.

Days slip by carelessly,

Forgetting mortal lives,

As I sit here dreaming endlessly,

Of former days and lives,

When you were next to me.

The hour has grown late,

And these cold hands are weary.

I know not the day or date,

Only that this night is eerie,

And tonight I meet my fate.

I leave here in this place,

In the countryside of the living,

My last words of embrace.

Some crimes find no forgiving,

But love still pleads its’ case;

And even if for one brief day,

Love is held onto,

When it is lost one day,

It still holds onto you,

Giving you reason to pray.

I didn’t want it to end there.

You were all that brought me comfort,

Though I knew I could never have lived there,

With myself, were you to avert,

Your fate for the welfare,

Of one mere fallen angel.

K. Aldaya, 9/11/15

Picture: “Roving Life” by Christine Muraton on Deviant Art; http://christine-muraton.deviantart.com/art/Roving-life-320468493

312. I Just Need You to Hold Me


I just need you to hold me,

Please don’t say anything.

Just put your arms around me.

I need to feel your warmth.

My soul shivers inside me.

Please won’t you be still?

And just hold onto me;

Then it will be okay.

I just need you to hold me,

Without a word or thought.

Your heart beats against me,

And helps me feel alive.

K. Aldaya, 7/13/15

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://www.graphics20.com/quotes/2013/01/page/111/

308. Infinite Love


The stars beam in your eyes,

And twinkle in my heart.

My soul made precious in your eyes,

Becomes eternal art.

One day when those stars go out,

And eternity we greet.

I know without a single doubt,

Our starlit souls will meet.

And embrace the unending light,

Which beamed in love and pain,

To blaze out into the night:

A star in the endless domain.

For all the mortals who remain,

To find hope in their darkest night.

K. Aldaya, 6/1/15

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; https://p.gr-assets.com/540×540/fit/hostedimages/1380397891/768227.jpg

305. Isn’t Love Challenging?


Why do you fall to meet me,

Instead of raise me up?

Should we not challenge anything,

And grow down, not up?

Wouldn’t the world be a sad sight,

If flowers never bloomed?

If their roots strangled each other,

And all of that beauty was doomed?

No one needs someone to grab them,

When they’re leaning on the edge.

What they need is someone to question,

Their decision to stand on a ledge.

Isn’t it going to be too late,

When at the edge we stand?

To be the “selves” we might have been,

If you’d tried to understand?

Shouldn’t we build each other up,

Instead of just standing here?

Wouldn’t we be the best of ourselves,

If we stopped idling in fear?

K. Aldaya, 5/17/15

GIF: Original Source Unknown;  http://rebloggy.com/post/gif-love-girl-sad-lonely-beautiful-awesome-vintage-hurt-wonderful-alone-grunge-w/81286180650

299. Star Crossed Lovers


No matter how far we reach,

Our spirits remain distant.

We long to meet…reach…and reach…

Yet our skin is resistant.

Our skin and bones detain us;

Hold us under lock and key.

On and on our sentence drones.

In death will we be set free?

Or is this a death sentence?

Life in prison. No parole;

Without recourse or defense,

Then shot dead through the keyhole?

Someday if our deaths’ pardon.

If souls traverse the cosmos.

Will we finally meet someone,

Discern and draw in so close,

That two souls may become one?

K. Aldaya, 4/7/15

Picture:  By kelsey-makes-you-smile.xanga.com; http://favim.com/image/54089/

294. Autumns’ Aria


The wind blows the leaves around,

And over my face they flow,

As I lie here listening to the sound,

Of the rustling autumn leaves.

I wonder if he thinks of me,

And if he cares I’m gone.

My heart, it is a fairy: free…

To dance upon the wind.

Does he love me. Does he not.

I count the falling leaves.

Woodland spirits tell me naught,

Of what time it now is.

I wonder if he’ll soon be here.

If he’s noticed my absence.

My skin aches to hold him near,

And draw him in embrace.

It’s so cold without his warmth.

I can’t but reminisce,

Of the days wrapped in his warmth;

Sheltered from the cold.

Spirits tell me to forget.

That he’s not going to come.

They lie! He won’t forget,

And neither shall I!

He’ll smile and take my hand,

(When he finds me lying here),

And side-by-side and hand-in-hand,

We’ll walk these woods together.

I know he’ll be here soon.

I’ll abide here and wait…

Patiently, and sing a tune;

And listen for his voice.

The leaves will blow across me,

And continue to fall around.

Yet no matter what the hour may be.

He’ll come for me……

He’ll come for me………….

K. Aldaya, 3/28/15

Picture/GIF:  by killedtheinnocentpeople on Tumblr; http://killedtheinnocentpeople.tumblr.com/post/114583718454

289. The Nameless Speech


The man said to the boy one day.

“How is it you can’t see?

That holding onto the past and its’ pain,

Is not the way to be?”

The boy looked to the gentleman,

And softly he replied.

“Does energy die when it’s changed?

And does its’ spark subside?”

“Well no, replied the gentleman.

You speak to the facts in this case;

Yet how does this concern my assertion?

Your query seems out of place.”

The boy retorted with a smile,

“All things once set in motion.

They cannot be taken back;

So I reject your notion!

When evil deeds are done,

(And yes, good deeds as well),

That energy must go somewhere;

In someones mind it must dwell.

Pain spreads out more pain.

And love spreads out more love.

So when pain fills up my head,

Don’t ask me to ‘feel’ love.

The pain, it is now mine.

I know you may not understand,

And I’ll not burden you with it;

For I won’t be the devils’ hand.

I know more then most,

How important kindness is.

The universe is in a battle,

And I know which my side is!

Don’t ask me to forget the pain,

For the pain is part of me.

It made me who I am today.

It lives inside of me.

One day if I live in love,

And I try to spread some good;

Maybe someday it’ll return to me…

Maybe bad will be conquered by good.

There is no way of knowing,

If time will be kind to me;

But time, it stops for no one…

Even those pained as me.

So my point, my good sir,

And what everyone should know,

Is once pain is spread…

Pain it will sow.

Every evil deed that’s done,

It has a price to be paid.

So always try to care and love,

Don’t let the worlds’ hope fade.”

The gentleman stared at the boy,

And nothing was replied,

As he grabbed the child into his arms,

And held him while he cried.

-The universe, it is not fair, and all things have a cost.

For a battle’s always waging,

Yet the war is never lost.

Until the end of human life,

The fight’s not fully won,

And the casualties should remind us all,

Of the cost of each deed done.

K. Aldaya, 3/18/15

Picture: “Just a Little Boy” by zznzz on Deviant Art; http://zznzz.deviantart.com/art/just-a-little-boy-272998865

284. To My Children


Someday when you read these poems,

I hope that you will see,

That although I had ups and downs,

I never ceased loving thee.

Someday when facing ups and downs,

I hope you’ll think of me;

And remember that though life’s often hard,

Please fight and stay afloat for me!

Someday when your ship is lost,

And storms barrage and sting…

Thy face…it is the face of one,

Who gave my life meaning.

Someday when you read these poems,

I hope that you will know,

How much I want the best for you.

How deeply I want you to know…

That when you were born, my darlings,

I couldn’t have loved you more;

And when weak and tired from the long swim,

Your boat brought me to shore.

And on that shore we lived together,

For a time, in the home we built.

And no matter what the days, they bring,

Our time-built love will never wilt.

So, someday when you read these poems,

I hope you will understand.

How much joy you brought to my life,

From the first day I held each little hand.

For when you reached out to me,

I too reached to thee.

K. Aldaya, 1/22/15

Picture:  “A Mother’s Love” By Dean Jacobs: http://deanjacobsillustration.com; http://theskunkpot.com/index.php/digital-hyperrealistic-illustrations-by-dean-jacobs/

281. Reincarnation

om shanti om snowglobe

Oh, how enchanting your presence is.

How my heartbeats run away with you.

To another life. Another time.

Where they once beat together as one, not two!

Does time flow through this heart?

Does it keep repeating its’ destiny?

Through the ages flowing the same course?

Ever to meet and bleed-out tragedy?

So close these hearts to one another,

Always close, yet never close enough.

Providence paints a grievous story,

On the hands of time,…deep and rough,…

In my heart.

K. Aldaya, 11/20/14

Picture: From Om Shanti Om;  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-U5JZM-nIhd8/U6sJpkuUKmI/AAAAAAAAhOA/D6cqDfAHPUo/s1600/om+shanti+om+snowglobe.png

249. Gardens of Persephone


In the gardens of Persephone,

I’ve built a house for thee.

So every spring when flowers bloom,

They will bloom for thee.

And every morn when sun appears,

As Helios’ chariot veers,

Through the sky and warms your face;

Do not shed your tears!

For when spring’s gone and time moves on,

And the world seems dark even at dawn,

Remember that when seasons have passed,

Spring will return with a yawn.

To renew your spirits and hope:

To live on and to cope,

Until we meet again my love,

In the afterlife to elope….

Where I’ve built a house near Persephone,

And wave her off when she goes to thee;

Every spring, wait there patiently,

In the home, for us, in eternity.

K. Aldaya, 8/18/13

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://www.mrwallpaper.com/wallpapers/flower-field-sunset.jpg

235. What is This?


Why is it that I feel so happy when you’re near?

When you notice me, look at my face,…

And just in that you’re here?

Is something wrong with me that I want your attention?

When loved and love is it yet not enough?

Is that why I crave your affection?

I hate myself for caring when you are not around.

Am I that pathetic that I can’t be content standing on the ground?

Do I need to fly?

To leave the confines I am in?

Do I long be an angel or seraphim when I am but a human?

I do not deserve this much attention,…I know that…I do,

Yet I want your love. I need your love.

I feel I’ll fade without you too.

Does that mean that I love you?

In caring that you’ll leave?

And in knowing that one day when you do,

I will cry and your loss grieve?

What is love exactly?  How do I know what is love or not?

Is love what I feel when I’m with you?

Or is it the attention which is sought?

All I know is that you confuse me….

I question everything.

My heart is like a puppet manipulated by your string.

And if you someday don’t care anymore, or don’t notice me.

Will my heart fall never to be moved or will it finally be free?

K. Aldaya, 03/22/13

Picture:  “Reaching Out For Love” by kjherstin; http://kjherstin.deviantart.com/art/Reaching-out-for-love-58708494

231. Needy


Please see me….really see me,

And help me to stand.

I need you so deeply,

You don’t understand!

Sometimes I feel abandoned,

When you don’t see my pain.

I long to cry: “Don’t leave me!”,

But don’t want love in fain.

I long to be beautiful,

And worthy of embrace.

I long to be so special,

Your eyes will never leave my face.

The truth is I’ll never be,

As special as I need.

No love will ever be enough.

Never full….I feed and feed.

So empty inside. An empty void.

A vast and broken soul.

No love could ever fill it in,

Or make it new and whole.

I’m not special.  Just a freak.

Too needy to feel love.

The pain will always be too great,

For me to rise above.

Please help me,… for right now,

I cannot feel your love!

K. Aldaya, 09/11/12

Picture:  “A Broken Dream” by ageai; http://www.deviantart.com/art/In-A-Broken-Dream-11058263

211. Beauty

Prescience of quotidian enchantments:

The dreams one dreams ‘fore dawn.

Flowers, stars, sun, and moon,

Would seem form’laic were thee gone.

Thy face illumes the perfunctory tides,

Of apathy…, banality;

For if striven assiduously,

Smiles freely radiate from thee.

Myopically one cannot do much more,

Then love this deb’nair season.

For one dreams, hopes, and loves more,

Near thy beauty past all reason.

K. Aldaya, 2008

210. My Gift to You


I cannot give you everything.

The stars I cannot reach.

A mortal am I and one day I will die;

Just as those whom in prayers we beseech.

I cannot give you gold and jewels,

Or titles and castles.

I will though give, what I can as we live,

Together as earthly vassals.

I cannot give you perfection,

If such a thing there were.

Capricious. Perfidious.

And a ‘God’ lifes’ one comforter.

I cannot give you everything,

Yet this I give to you.

A hope.  A prayer.

A joy, and a care.

A promise to look after you.

And forever give, should I now die or live,

All the love which my heart could now or ever give.

K. Aldaya, 4/12/08

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://blog.myheritage.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/1221258221F3Les7b.jpg

208. A Lovers’ Dream

Mine eyes emerge from the chalice of dreams,

Drunk is the heart, as a lover, it seems.

Thy flesh is aglow as the glisten of dew,

Every morn, as thy face shines anew.

Enigmatic beauty in thy form,

Clouds all logic,

O’ thy presence is warm.

I care not of ‘morrow or any swift sorrow.

Thy life is my life, and thy strength I may borrow.

My lips cascade thy cloth-less, soft expanse,

Endless intoxications, to entrance.

For when morn turns to eve, and night to day,

I know not the reasons, but only the way;

That thy life fills my life,

And breathless I stand,

With my heart, thy heart,

And my hand in thy hand.

K. Aldaya, 04/10/07

201. Blood’s Thicker Than Other Blood


With resolve we climb our mountains,

Eyes opened to the sky.

Never stopping once to question why.

Duties of the generations,

Doubly bought and bled for,

And believed as more then old shed-lore.

Straight incoherent loyalties,

To people, thoughts, sights, sounds,

Delusions of what in life compounds.

Human souls are not possessions,

Or their labors and skin.

Not by blood, or purse, or condition.

Untrustworthiness with others,

Is surely ‘nough to drive,

Rebellion and logic into the head to thrive.

Respect, kindness, and clemency,

Should be the character,

Deemed to be valued in portraiture;

And for the ages handed down,

As presentation of,

What the word “family” means:  chosen love.

Love is not conditioned or set,

As some rigid mountain.

For love is lost when self-interest,

Is the only plan.

K. Aldaya, 9/25/06

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://blog.internations.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/International-friends.png

198. Longing

Skeleton at window

Our little lives,

Our daily lives.

So lonely they….not far, not close,

Every day,

Ah, just a dose.

Little lives they,

Daily lives, they,

Separate from wants.

Not wrong, not right,

Just apart…

Ah, the loved-hearts’ plight!

Our little lives,

Our daily lives,

Away from our loves.

Not lost, not found,

For love’s hidden,

Where longing is found.

K. Aldaya, 5/25/06

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://www.divorcecollaborative.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/skeleton-waiting.jpg

195. You Hold My Heart


You hold my hand and hold my heart,

When it fights and beats you back,

And though I feel your heart may lose,

I don’t want my heart back.

My heart is but a gray mirage,

Of one I should have known,

And can one e’er hope to possess,

Something they’ve never known?

Sometimes I feel you care too much,

This all will end wrong, so…

Why chance such a beautiful heart,

On one which may not grow?

Still, you hold my hand and hold my heart,

When it fights and beats you back,

And though I feel your heart could lose,

I don’t want my heart back!

K. Aldaya, 04/13/06

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsxqp2ZKCO1qzy3mjo1_500.jpg

193. Eternal Love



A warm hearth-glow,

Deep, deep inside,

Not tangible….,

But found far below.

Where it can hide,

And remain forever,

A distant reminder,

When time fades away.

That to love, is to live,

And to love is to stay.

For love is eternal;

As winds would ne’er dare,

To put out a flame of such hope and such care.

K. Aldaya, 3/26/06

Picture:  “Love Couple” by BiH-Serbia on Deviant Art; http://bih-serbia.deviantart.com/art/Love-couple-292733355

191. Love is Such a Dismal Thing


Love is such a dismal thing but why is it thou so?

When all we do is separate the word from what we know…,

To be the hope for what may grow?

To be more then the cost given of the pervading years.

More then all we come to call our lives of o’er-spent tears.

O’ is love salvation for the tears?

Or just a hope to grant us years?

Love is such a dismal thing but why is it thou so?

When love is the only true thing on Earth for hope to sow…,

To nourish us so we can grow?

Then why is it love feels so wrong?

Shouldn’t it feel okay?

To feel, and hope, and know love,

Just for the word we say?

As more then other words could convey?

For more then what may come our way?

For love is such a dismal thing but why is it thou so?

When all we do is separate the word from what we know;

To be the hope for what may grow?

K. Aldaya, 1/27/06

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://www.glamquotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Lost_love1.jpg

190. Eye-light

Max and Liz3

Captured in your raptured-glare:

Eyes of light and love.

I find therein a path to walk,

As those of gold above.

A firm and steady road of earth,

Previously unknown of.

Blossoming-trees serenade,

With pastel-petal,

Beyond which lies a tranquil-stream,

Sparkling with waters cool;

And reflecting in sun-shadows,

Our silhouettes fascicule.

To touch waters there which flow,

Is to touch silk-pure,

Of a sapphire-blue so lavish,

As to surely deter,

One’s eyes from straying ‘way the scene,

Of the love your eyes infer.

K. Aldaya, 12/28/05

Picture: Roswell: Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby; http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PA4w178vPPc/TyW04cs9jMI/AAAAAAAAGvA/TqwI_nvn648/s1600/Max%2Band%2BLiz3.jpg

189. Love, Loves Misery


How can you tear me down and then say,

“I love you, my darling”, as night turns to day.

Progressively painful vulgarities thrown,

From out your cavalierly-placed throne.

Love should not cause a heart pain as this,

Torturing ’til tears burn and dismiss,

The knowledge of love incinerated;

Then ask me to love where no love’s been created.

The tragedy’s that I care, though you kill;

Demolishing constructions at will.

Burning houses just built to stand,

Against the assault of your next reprimand.

K. Aldaya, 12/25/05

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://data.whicdn.com/images/22478399/28f273b9e0ffd544410d90c0f6ec8072_large.jpg

182. To a Friend…


I know your fear, my dear.

Of being ‘lone within this world,

When everything’s of black and drear,

And there your heart a-swirled,

Is in struggles of despair.

A heart given is found,

To want none other, once it’s found,

A place inside….a flowing ground…

Of endless enchantments which pound,

Within veins of crimson blood.

Yes, I know you bleed my dear,

With scarlet agonies of loss,

For hearts are resting places near,

All that is the soul and boss,

Of loves’ enriching clarities.

You may be thus lost right now,

And feel you’re all alone in pain.

As no one could ever know how,

It feels to bear hearts’ broken stain,

On your souls’ experienced truth.

But just remember that you can’t,

Change those who hate to make them.

You deserve more than to chant,

And live over your love to them,

Who can’t be made to understand.

So, no matter what happens,

Don’t waste your heart on one,

Without the needed comprehends,

To see your love’s the real one,

And not just some battle to be won.

You shouldn’t settle for second place,

In any battles waged with cost,

If true-love he’d risk all to race…,

To your side whatever’s lost.

So please, my dear, don’t settle there,

And let your heart wither to dust.

K. Aldaya, 10/26/05

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://www.savelovetoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/heart-broken.jpg

181. Doors Oft’ Lead to Nowhere


I pray this will not end the same,

As all things have before,

For I can’t take another fall…,

Close yet another door.

I’ve not the strength to walk again,

The endless empty corridor,

And op’ another unknown door,

Just to be left a whore.

A whore head-filled with ideal dreams,

Of given love received,

And given back with no expense,

Love there not deceived.

So ask me not to invest hence,

My heart unto your cause,

If you’re lost as to whether,

Concordance is without pause.

But still I pray this will not end,

A dream may be more yet!

That I may leave this doorway,

And prostitutions forget.

K. Aldaya, 10/25/05

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/p480x480/314894_473340722694940_393520269_n.jpg

178. Contingent Affair

What is real my love, my love,

When death and life are here to dwell?

When enemies are accomplices?

Playing games of hate and love,

With us, my love, in heav’n and hell?


What is true my love, my love,

When lies are but degrees valued?

When sun and moon, day and night hang,

Up in the same vast, lonely sky?

Where we, my love, as falling stars,

In the affair intrude.

K. Aldaya, 10/16/05

Picture: Pride and Prejudice: Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen; http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25000000/Darcy-and-Lizzie-Ballroom-pride-and-prejudice-men-25049609-600-391.jpg

165. A Purpose

Someone once asked me,

What I thought,

Our purpose was to be,

With life given us free?

What’s the conclusion to be sought?

What matters most to thee?

I replied that: “Living…,

To me is much more,

Then just love for living.

Its’ for always giving,

Conclusions built from loves’ out-pour…,

Steady and forgiving.”

K. Aldaya, 9/17/05

161. Messages of Love

Film Title: Snow White and the Huntsman

I see me here in your view,

Clinging to the signs,

I see those messages from you,

Thriving with choking vines:

Living to die in vain.

From childhood a stranger,

To the idle dream-work,

Of others, who meant danger.

Shadows to creep and lurk,

There condemned asunder.

To be not kindred with the throng,

Those mortals and mortalities.

Driven hand-in-hand along,

Complete in their normalities.

With vitality and fortitude.

I turned to the specters,

Instead of fighting on,

And followed perfumed nectars,

Into bleak woods a’drawn,

To fall in sleep ‘neath death-trees.

Waking mislaid on ashened-soil.

Below a strangled tree, gasping,

For breath in whole fret toil,

As on every branch clasping…

Vines: living to die in vain.

To see me there harshly met,

By natures’ lethal tragedies.

Hope to not forget,

In pains the eye foresees,

In sympathies to comprehend.

For though death may greet me.

The time means not the matter.

I strived on in such degree,

As to surely scatter,

The living death thought to be vain.

For to see me in your view,

Clinging to those signs,

Given in messages through,

Thriving-on-me vain vines,

Shows my life and death’s not vain.

K. Aldaya, 8/28/05

Pictures: Snow White and the Huntsman: Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth; http://cdn.sheknows.com/articles/2012/05/Snow_White_with_Huntsman_2.jpg

151. Vital Source


Dear Father-eternal,

Please grant me but one wish….

So I may endure full,

Of strength and carnal-resolve;

A mounting, rushing, chestful.

I beg of you, please send,

A soul burning with loves’ desire,

Furtive intoxication to fend,

Off this wastelands’ turbid-gale.

Let passioned-love transcend.

I ask you, show mercy!

Kill me now if it can’t be,

For to live one more night lonely,

Is worse than any early death.

Lord, please hear my heavy plea.

I beseech you Lord,

With every drop of blood stirring,

Don’t leave me with but a sword,

To fend-off proved heart-loathing,

‘Lone marching to a grave onward.

Pardon me but one true love,

To prove the undertaker wrong,

Live out this lifetime through,

In decadently engaged vitalities,

Which, with time, more eloquently imbue.

K. Aldaya, 6/30/05

Picture: Lie to Me: Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye; http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33800000/Lie-to-me-lie-to-me-korean-drama-33896470-1280-720.jpg

141. Heavens’ Lighthouse

Your lines congruent with the sun,

Contour into a face.

Shaping a light silhouette,

Of beauty and grace;

After the sun has long set.

Your figure dances in my heart,

And molds my empty skin,

Into a shining beacon,

Of your love akin,

To heroes of wars won.

Your soul, is to me, a lighthouse,

Shedding on open-sea,

Relief and hope to travelers,

Lost in storms that be;

From the cold-wind that stirs.


My helpless ship was tossed about,

By the waves of fortune,

Until the sunbeams from you:

Lit, and it was done,

I found a home in you.

On your shore I landed embraced,

In the warmth of safety,

Guarded by angelic-light,

A sanctuary, in lifes’ never-ceasing night.

Your beam floats in the starry-sky,

On the seashore I watch,

The clouds glisten and unveil,

Heavens’ gates a notch;

In nurt’ring surveil.

Then for a moment the night scene,

Sparkles radiantly,

The stars cascade through the black,

And form perfectly,

A resplendence without lack.

Lines etched in vast portrayal,

Of twinkling gallantry,

Spans the universes’ breadth,

And reflects on the sea,

A cast made with clouds’-breath.

There you lie upon the water,

Immersed in storms of sin,

Caring, and thou so bearing,

The pains held therein;

From your light-room sharing.

For to me, you are a beacon,

Shimm’ring upon the sea,

Lighting the dark loneliness;

Longing to love me,

And the suns’-rise express.

K. Aldaya, 5/15/05

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21700000/Haunted-Lighthouse-after-dark-21766978-742-646.jpg

32. Love?

Alone in a Crowd


Sometimes I feel I know what it is, but really I have no clue what it ’tis.

Only through dreams of fancy and thought, can we see how true love is sought.

Reality leaves little space for such, though love is needed in it so much.

With practicality and toughness people shrink their hearts to less and less.

They think only of their plights and selves, while there are many trapped in frozen cells.

Trapped in a cold and bitter world, where love is something kept up furled.

Love? It won’t be found until people see how horrible and cold they can be.

Too caught up in their daily routines to ever know what love truly means.

K. Aldaya, 10/17/03

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://lakeshagadson.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/one-lonely-person-in-crowd.jpg

22. Unconditional Love


All I’ve ever wanted. All I’ve wished that could be,

Is that someone love me unconditionally.

Somebody who knows me, knows the inside and out,

And still loves me without any doubt.

Questions tear at my heart, asking when, who, and how?

Why can’t love find me here and now?

Will love ever come by, to a soul such as me,

Who has been deprived so blatantly?

The past holds nothings; nones.

Future’s my sun and my breath.

Dear ‘God’, please deliver some love before death!

I’m so sick of goodbyes,

Of the fading faces,

Of the tragedies of all the cases.

Of all the things to want, of all the things to need,

Love is wanted the most indeed!

All I’ve ever wanted.  All I’ve wished that could be,

Is that someone love me unconditionally.

K. Aldaya, 12/29/02

Picture: Eternal Love by Circusspider on Deviant Art; http://circusspider.deviantart.com/art/eternal-love-43901336

9. Is Love to Be?


What is it about you that makes my heart dance,

That makes my eyes glow,

That makes my life flow?

Why do you affect me?

Is it your absorbing eyes,

Or maybe it’s your form and size?

But maybe it is something more.

Maybe my eyes can see deeper,

See the person inside,

A person with whom to confide.

Maybe I can see beyond,

Beyond this pretty form,

To see the soul whom with me is compatible.

Someday perhaps we’ll meet,

If it be in ‘God”s perfect will,

And he’ll see beyond me as well,

But only time will tell.

I think that if we met, he would like me as well,

And realize how similar we are,

Even though we’ve been so long afar.

K. Aldaya, 12/30/02

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2wajaRhsI1rrn5dbo1_500.gif