327. Let Us All Eat Cake


Forgive me, but I must leave now.

Time’s too precious to waste.

Life drifts by us even now.

We should all make haste,

And move toward our own happiness,

Whate’er that might well be.

If it harms none, and makes pain less,

No one should disagree.

I don’t have time to conversate,

On things which can’t be changed.

We’re all stuck here, so celebrate!

Tea time has been arranged.

Sip tea with me, or don’t…who cares?

I’ll drink tea for us both and sing.

No one cares how anyone else fairs,

And each has their own song to sing.

O’ Happy Birthday to us all.

We all were born,… Hurray!

All of us were young and small,

Then grow old and die one day.

So live like Kings and Queens, my dears…

Wear opulence on your sleeve.

Who cares of the rejection of your peers;

If they care not of your joy they should leave.

So forgive me, but I must leave now,

And put on my bows and frilly dress.

I have a tea party to attend.

Life’s too short to eat cake any less.

K. Aldaya, 1/4/16

Picture: By KellyAliceLoliCotton on Deviant Art; http://kellyalicelolicotton.deviantart.com/art/Welcome-To-My-Teaparty-273402429

219. Lolita Fashion

Frilly lace.

Cupcakes and toys.

Bows in place.

Resplendent joys,

In childish grace.

Japanese women dressed in Lolita fashion walk in front of the venue of


JSK’s and OP’s,

With sugarcoats,

Or antique keys.

Feminist beauty promotes.

Only oneself to please!


K. Aldaya, 12/24/11

Pictures:  1. Photographer Unknown; http://chipskjaa.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/lolita1.jpg

2. “Gothic Lolita Goes Happy” by KaraKATAD on Deviant Art; http://www.deviantart.com/art/Gothic-Lolita-Goes-Happy-124176248