513. Salvage

To the world I’m nothing more than trash,

To be tossed away…

Devoid of value.

Nothing lost. Nothing to say.

I know I have value, though no one tries,

To pick me up and see,

Something of worth…

A shred of humanity.

The world threw me away without care,

And without my consent;

So I wonder what could’ve been,

If I hadn’t been absent?

If someone had noticed my absence and found,

That I could be,

Something of value,

For beyond entropy…

Comes a measure of hope.

K. Aldaya, 3/10/20

Picture: By Jordan Beltran on Unsplash; https://unsplash.com/photos/AxdlcxaModc

502. You

Life was not worth living,

But I had to live on through,

So I could travel to the day,

I got to meet you.

I can’t say it was worth it,

I can’t say it was not.

I only know you came into my life,

And I love you a lot.

Life is not all good or bad,

And it’s not a balanced load.

Yet we somehow tumble along,

To find what resembles a road.

I can’t say it’s even a road.

It may be merely a plot.

I only know that this is life,

And fair, it’s often not.

There’s little I am sure about,

Though one thing I hold true.

I would not be writing this now,

If I had not met you.

When life feels not worth living,

I hope others may live on through,

So they can travel to that day,

They meet their someone too;

And say maybe it was worth it,

Or maybe it was not.

For who can reconcile a heart in love?

And mine,…loves you a lot.

K. Aldaya, 12/21/19

Picture: From Freestocks.org on Unsplash; https://unsplash.com/photos/a1Fmxesw31g

478. The Elsewhere

In the stillness of night she leaves,

The world and time behind.

She slips out of her bones,

And deep into her mind;

Where dream and reality meet, and,…

Breath upon breath create,…

Life, in desolation.

Feeling’s merely innate.

A door appears, she touches the knob,

And turns it, but slightly.

With a click, it opens.

She enters and closes it tightly.

Within is shelter, and protection;

Lost,…misplaced from the start.

Yearning becomes misery,

When men forget the heart.

Would you seek and pull her out from there?

Would you tell her she’s wrong?

That she’s better off staying,

And just suffering along?

For who knows what the answer should be,

To loss and sentiment.

If time can’t be rewound,

Should love and safety remain absent?

In the stillness of night she leaves,

To find what can not be.

Life is not fair they say,

And nothing is for free.

So, do not judge as she slips away,

Out of her bones and mind.

Oft’ we must seek elsewhere,

That which we’ve yet to find.

K. Aldaya, 5/25/19

Picture: By Sam Burriss on Unsplash; https://themighty.com/2017/10/how-to-help-dissociative-episode/

435. Dream on a Star

In the darkness dreams take flight,

Through the airy skies of night,

Into the arms of stars beyond,

The gaze of mortal sight.

Where they may blossom into hope,

To hold us when we can not cope;

As time’s unending legacy,

Surpasses human scope.

So dream your dreams tonight, my dear,

Without worry. Without fear,

For long after this song is sung,

Those stars which I once dreamt upon,

Will brightly shine for you.

K. Aldaya, 4/11/18

Picture: https://pixabay.com/en/star-gazing-starry-night-astronomy-1149228/

414. You Do Not Have to Die

I didn’t want to die when I swallowed all those pills.

I didn’t want to die when I climbed those lofty hills.

I didn’t want to die when I tied that rope on tight.

I didn’t want to die when I climbed that towers’ height.

I didn’t want to die when I loaded that old gun.

I didn’t want to die, yet what is done, is done.

I swallowed all those pills, and climbed those lofty hills;

And tied that rope on tight, and jumped off from that height.

And I loaded that old gun, for there wasn’t anyone,…to say:

“You do not have to die! It doesn’t have to be this way.”

I see you there with all those pills. I see you climbing hills.

I see that you purchased that rope and have no sense of hope.

I see that you are walking up the stairs to the top.

I see that gun, “Put it down. Put it down. Stop!”

You do not have to die, my friend.

This should not be your end.

I see you. I see you…and all that pain within you.

Please put down those pills, and walk beyond those hills.

Unknot that rope. There’s still hope. There’s still hope!

Lay down that gun, and in the morn we’ll watch the sun,…

As it peeks o’er the line ‘tween night and day,

We’ll sit and watch the start of another earthly day;

And laugh, and cry, and hope together,

Under the ethereal clouds we gather,…

And fashion into dreams.

K. Aldaya, 10/4/17

Picture: https://www.wallpaperflare.com/brown-rocky-mountain-during-sunrise-photo-rophaien-wallpaper-17362

412. In the Horizon


Tangerine-seas quench my day-parched soul,

With the hope that maybe tomorrow,

Will find it new and whole.

As the sun descends and light fades out,

I inhale deeply of it’s sweetness,

And expunge any doubt.

For the night is coming…time to sleep,

And dream of new, better tomorrows,

Yet, first I’ll drink and weep,

For the yesterday which burns away…

In the horizon.

K. Aldaya, 8/25/17

Picture: http://wallpaperweb.org/wallpaper/nature/pacific-sunset-pismo-beach-california_40871.htm


408. Where is Hope?

Hope-May Spring went outside to sing,

And play among the flowers.

Her days were spent frolicking,

And dancing ‘way the hours,

In the sun.

One day she walked upon the stage,

To sing her song aloud.

She stepped bravely across the stage,

And sang out strong and proud:


Applause rang out through the room,

And Hope-May was o’erjoyed,

To have touched hearts within that room,

Her smile could not avoid…

Joining in.

Joy can’t last forever though,

And no story is so kind,

For as soon as it was time to go,

Her mother voiced her mind:

“Not the worst”.

Strangers praised her performance,

Yet her mother looked on sternly.

Her songs could never seem to dance,

Their way in mother’s heart to free…


Through the years she heard no praise;

Nor laud. Nor compliment.

And soon she felt her mother’s gaze,

Was always there and sent…

Shivers down.

Ah, that voice was always there.

Always echoing: “Never enough!”,

Until the joy she used to share,

Sang out soft and gruff;

And empty.

Her joy, her mother ate it all;

Served with criticism and jeers.

Hope-May ate the meals all,

And swallowed down her tears…

In silence.

Hope-May Spring used to sing.

It’s said she sang quite well;

Though now she does not like to sing,

Nor does she ever tell…

Of her heart.

Though sometimes she dreams secretly,

Of those days so long ago,

When her heart was given joyously,

And hope could freely flow;

From her veins.

Hope-May Spring will sometimes sing,

And smile vacantly;

Though if you listen to her sing,

You’ll hear a sad and desperate plea:

“Where is Hope?”.

K. Aldaya, 7/13/17

401. No One Likes an Ending

No one likes an ending.

No one likes to cry.

No one likes to hold the hand,

Of someone who will die.

No one likes an ending.

Endings are always sad.

No one likes to think about,

The time that one soul had.

No one likes an ending.

The unsurety. The change.

No one likes to say goodbye,

And face the new and strange.

No one likes an ending.

No one likes to cry.

No one likes to think about,

How all things must one day die…

–To make way for future birth.

Everyone likes beginnings.

Beginnings are always glad.

Everyone likes to laugh and love,

So please do not be sad.

No one likes an ending,

But endings clear the way,

For new things to bear,

The hopes of each yesterday…

–Ever onward, toward the future.

K. Aldaya, 6/24/17

Picture: http://www.grandparents.com/family-and-relationships/family-matters/teaching-grandfather-to-hug

396. Fly Away Child

The grass-blades blew around my feet,

As a child I looked to the sky.

I knew you were my everything,

Yet one day, that you would die.

I studied you in the distance;

A form of God on earth.

I worshipped without question,

The toiler of my birth.

I called out with no reply.

I saw you there unmoving.

I wondered why you were so still,

Neither loving nor disapproving.

Like a picture of a memory,

You were perfect in my eyes;

With a smile: warm and tender.

I was naive and unwise.

Then a feeling hit me like a rock,

And I ran as tears fell down.

I ran, and ran, and ran,

Through the wheat at dawn.

I came so close to you,

I swear I heard your heart,

And as you faded away,

I kept listening for your heart.

Yet, your heart, it left with you,

Along with my youth.

You left me unsure of my worth,

For to me, you were it’s proof.

I was only a child afraid,

Who wanted you to stay,

But my picture of you drifted,

On the winds of a new day.

You never ran to me, not once;

Nor cared to hear my heart.

If I ever needed a hug,

Or if I’d fallen apart.

I wish I’d known on that day long ago,

No matter how hard I ran,

I’d never have made it there in time,

For you to hold my hand.

The grass-blades blew around my feet,

On the day I said goodbye,

To the picture I had of you,

And turned toward the sky.

It’s blue was as an ocean: pure,

I found hope in it’s peace,

That even those left all alone,

May find their love increase.

The grass-blades blew around my feet,

As a child I looked to the sky.

I wish I could have let her know,

That one day she’d be able to fly…

Into the loving arms of some distant, future sky.

K. Aldaya, 5/20/17

Picture: https://www.videezy.com/free-video/cornfield

334. Night Dreams


The foggy night is cool and glistens,

With the rains of yesterday,

And I find myself saddened again,

By the loneliness of it’s gray.

Yet, I know this is my hour of choice.

The peaceful and tranquil hour,

When most humans are found fast asleep,

And I feel most safe within my tower…

To look out into the universe,

And wish upon a star or moon,

For their beauty to become an eternal song,

So I may forever hum out their tune.

I long to stay and sing out,

Into the silence of eternity;

Though it makes me sad to be alone,

It’s far better with no company.

The stars will hear and twinkle bright,

And the moon will brightly beam.

No matter how dark and lonely the night,

It still can feel like a dream.

I’ve yet to meet one human being,

Who cares to hear my song or voice;

Instead my voice is ripped from me,

And the soul is left no choice…

It runs away and hides behind,

Cordialities and facades.

The body lingers devoid of life,

At the edge of gambled-odds.

There is no dream unbroken by,

The realities of humankind.

Will we ever be safe in each other’s arms,

Or truly understand another’s mind?

Until that day or maybe never,

I will hope and dream at night.

Alone I will sing to the distant moon,

And when tears fall they’ll express the flight,

Of my soul into the skies.

K. Aldaya, 2/25/16

Picture: Artist Unknown; http://www.playbuzz.com/shira10/22-unbelievable-facts-about-the-human-body-that-will-blow-your-mind

308. Infinite Love


The stars beam in your eyes,

And twinkle in my heart.

My soul made precious in your eyes,

Becomes eternal art.

One day when those stars go out,

And eternity we greet.

I know without a single doubt,

Our starlit souls will meet.

And embrace the unending light,

Which beamed in love and pain,

To blaze out into the night:

A star in the endless domain.

For all the mortals who remain,

To find hope in their darkest night.

K. Aldaya, 6/1/15

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; https://p.gr-assets.com/540×540/fit/hostedimages/1380397891/768227.jpg

299. Star Crossed Lovers


No matter how far we reach,

Our spirits remain distant.

We long to meet…reach…and reach…

Yet our skin is resistant.

Our skin and bones detain us;

Hold us under lock and key.

On and on our sentence drones.

In death will we be set free?

Or is this a death sentence?

Life in prison. No parole;

Without recourse or defense,

Then shot dead through the keyhole?

Someday if our deaths’ pardon.

If souls traverse the cosmos.

Will we finally meet someone,

Discern and draw in so close,

That two souls may become one?

K. Aldaya, 4/7/15

Picture:  By kelsey-makes-you-smile.xanga.com; http://favim.com/image/54089/

296. The Way Back Home


It was one of those bitter days,

When the cold gets to ones’ soul,

And one wonders in a million ways,

If the freeze will ever thaw.

She sat there on a concrete slab,

While the snow around her fell.

The world one color white and drab,

Was a snowglobe for a God.

She had no place to go to,

Home was many hours away,

And as the frosty wind blew,

She wished she’d worn a coat.

Hours flew by as she sat there,

Like a statue made of ice,

When a man nearby stopped to stare,

And they smiled to each other.

Sometimes we don’t realize,

How lost we truly are,

‘Til someone makes us recognize,

Through a simple phrase: “Are you okay?”.

She smiled like an automaton,

Replying: “Yes, I’m fine”.

-“Well, the storm is hitting us head-on,

So you should get home soon”.

He walked into a store nearby,

And as soon as he was gone,

She clutched her chest with a sigh,

And her eyes filled with tears.

Her heart began to weep…

She’d thought she was invisible,

Living in a hole so deep,

If she died none would see.

So many people walk right past,

They don’t care or realize,

How long a kind word can last,

Within a human heart.

One kind thought or word,

May save a soul one day;

Building a bridge with each word,

For a lonely castaway…

To find their way back home.

K. Aldaya, 3/31/15

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; https://p.gr-assets.com/540×540/fit/hostedimages/1423681671/13657858.jpg

289. The Nameless Speech


The man said to the boy one day.

“How is it you can’t see?

That holding onto the past and its’ pain,

Is not the way to be?”

The boy looked to the gentleman,

And softly he replied.

“Does energy die when it’s changed?

And does its’ spark subside?”

“Well no, replied the gentleman.

You speak to the facts in this case;

Yet how does this concern my assertion?

Your query seems out of place.”

The boy retorted with a smile,

“All things once set in motion.

They cannot be taken back;

So I reject your notion!

When evil deeds are done,

(And yes, good deeds as well),

That energy must go somewhere;

In someones mind it must dwell.

Pain spreads out more pain.

And love spreads out more love.

So when pain fills up my head,

Don’t ask me to ‘feel’ love.

The pain, it is now mine.

I know you may not understand,

And I’ll not burden you with it;

For I won’t be the devils’ hand.

I know more then most,

How important kindness is.

The universe is in a battle,

And I know which my side is!

Don’t ask me to forget the pain,

For the pain is part of me.

It made me who I am today.

It lives inside of me.

One day if I live in love,

And I try to spread some good;

Maybe someday it’ll return to me…

Maybe bad will be conquered by good.

There is no way of knowing,

If time will be kind to me;

But time, it stops for no one…

Even those pained as me.

So my point, my good sir,

And what everyone should know,

Is once pain is spread…

Pain it will sow.

Every evil deed that’s done,

It has a price to be paid.

So always try to care and love,

Don’t let the worlds’ hope fade.”

The gentleman stared at the boy,

And nothing was replied,

As he grabbed the child into his arms,

And held him while he cried.

-The universe, it is not fair, and all things have a cost.

For a battle’s always waging,

Yet the war is never lost.

Until the end of human life,

The fight’s not fully won,

And the casualties should remind us all,

Of the cost of each deed done.

K. Aldaya, 3/18/15

Picture: “Just a Little Boy” by zznzz on Deviant Art; http://zznzz.deviantart.com/art/just-a-little-boy-272998865

284. To My Children


Someday when you read these poems,

I hope that you will see,

That although I had ups and downs,

I never ceased loving thee.

Someday when facing ups and downs,

I hope you’ll think of me;

And remember that though life’s often hard,

Please fight and stay afloat for me!

Someday when your ship is lost,

And storms barrage and sting…

Thy face…it is the face of one,

Who gave my life meaning.

Someday when you read these poems,

I hope that you will know,

How much I want the best for you.

How deeply I want you to know…

That when you were born, my darlings,

I couldn’t have loved you more;

And when weak and tired from the long swim,

Your boat brought me to shore.

And on that shore we lived together,

For a time, in the home we built.

And no matter what the days, they bring,

Our time-built love will never wilt.

So, someday when you read these poems,

I hope you will understand.

How much joy you brought to my life,

From the first day I held each little hand.

For when you reached out to me,

I too reached to thee.

K. Aldaya, 1/22/15

Picture:  “A Mother’s Love” By Dean Jacobs: http://deanjacobsillustration.com; http://theskunkpot.com/index.php/digital-hyperrealistic-illustrations-by-dean-jacobs/

277. Seduction


He knew better than to dream.

Yet he,…he dreamt anyway.

Darkness lifts for a time as days’ gleam.

Ah, the temptress-sun loves to play,

With the hearts of hopeful men.

Oh, see well what cannot be.

See thee clearly what will die,

When dark descends and souls we bury.

Unadjusted eyes more outcry,

The loss of ‘what might have been’.

Time is both reaper and muse;

E’er blooming and withering.

Aware it’s the reapers’ time we use,

To grab hope-worms a’slithering;

And live as ‘productive’ men.

He knew better than to dream,

Yet he,…he dreamt anyway.

The pain is greatest for men who dream.

Agony is sure,…Yet lo, the day!

What a seductive oarsman!

…on this boat to the River Styx.

K. Aldaya, 9/22/14

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://hdwallpapersly.com/favourite-river-boat-at-sunset-wallpaper/favourite-river-boat-at-sunset-wallpaper-2/

257. An Ants’ Life


I always get lost in crowds.

I never stand out.

Sometimes I do for things I wear,

But that’s not what it’s about.

(If not for that) I am fast lost,

Into the crowds of day.

There is nothing special of me,

At least that I can say.

I am yet another ant,

Trampled by the Gods.

Slaving under the hot sun,

Or spiting those same Gods,

For creating us to suffer:

To exist to feel,…

To feel so sad in crowds,

One does not want to feel;

Want to feel so lonely…

Or want to be an ant.

I,..I want to be a butterfly,

With vibrant wings with which to fly.

K. Aldaya, 1/20/14

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://flywithmeproductions.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Girl-Butterfly-Light.jpg

255. Never Enough

I am.

I exist.

Why is this never enough?

I see.

I dream.

Why are dreams so tough…..

To hold?

To keep?

Yet so easy to create.

I dream.

You dream.

Though dreams can’t fight fate.


And still.

We hold.

Struggle to grasp with two hands.

Our souls,

So deep.

Walking the line ‘tween two lands.

Was made.


Hoping beyond all odds.


And dead.

Both am I; and my head nods.

To earth.

To dust.

My creator and my exterminator.

My love.

My hate.

My lower and my greater.

I am.

I exist.

Why is this never enough?

I hope.

I dream.

And dig in the dirt so rough.

My hands.

They bleed.

For the earth to feel me.

My soul.

It cries.

For the dreams which with dust will bury me.

I am.

I exist.

No it’s never enough for me.

No life.

No death.

I long for my dreams to be free!

K. Aldaya, 12/1/13

Picture:  “Dirty Hands” by Aaron on dailypayne.com; http://dailypayne.com/dirty-hands

252. It’s Okay


It’s okay not to be happy.

It’s okay, my child.

Tomorrow the sun will rise again,

And hearts will again run wild;

Beating up and down the streets.

Flowing through the hours,

O’er-rushing with dreams of cakes and sweets,

And fields of endless flowers.

So it’s okay to cry and be sad.

It’s okay, my child.

Tomorrow the sun will rise again,

And yes, you will have smiled!

K. Aldaya, 9/4/13

Picture: Artist Unknown; http://extremelongevity.net/wp-content/uploads/Sunny-day1.jpg

251. Morning Run


The morning air is clear and fresh;

And whimsical as a fairy.

She spreads her wings and dances,

Through my skin to carry,…

Me on my way.

My heart beats and prances.

The sun is rising up from sleep.

“Good-morn to all”, she beams.

I greet with a yawning bow;

And just as fair water streams,

I flow and shine,

Run wet with sweat on brow,…

Stronger in my dreams!

K. Aldaya, 08/29/03

Picture: Photo from the campus of Duke University and Durham, North Carolina: Photographer Unknown; http://law.duke.edu/gallery/84&pil=5

247. Soar Higher


Into the world my child, she flies…,

Away and soars; but I am scared.

Will she be safe and always wise?

Did I teach her everything,

She needs to touch the skies?

And can I trust the world which I’ve never trusted?

To care for and protect one of my dearest treasures?

World of people through whose acts I am disgusted.

Who poisoned my heart until it broke and rusted.

Yet even I cannot protect,

Her, or him, or I from this life.

Control: an illusion’s inject,

So life we do not from the start reject.

If we thought about how each moment is taken,….

Stolen right in front of our eyes: so we close them;

We’d go crazy or mad, and sickness awaken.

So we say:  “Reasons are not godforsaken!”.

Whether there’s meaning to it all,

I know not and I dare not say.

I only know what’s to fear therewithal.

I pray she’ll be able to fly when in fall!

—-praying:  “Don’t be like me…., Please don’t end up like me at all!”

K. Aldaya, 8/6/13

Picture: “Tiny Dancer” by insanelaurenjane at Deviant Art; http://www.deviantart.com/art/Tiny-Dancer-352280439

245. Why Do I Want to Live?


Why do I want to live when life has no point?

Why do I want to live when all I do is disappoint?

Why do I want to live when death is the only goal?

Why do I want to live when I’m not even sure I have a soul?

Why do I want to live?

I will tell you why.

Because I exist and it’s all that I know.

Because I don’t want to lie…..

Silenced forever in a grave when I die.

Why do I want to live when I’ll die anyway someday?

Because I’m afraid and hope to be stronger one day;

So when death greets me I’ll smile and say,

“I’m ready to be on my way!”

K. Aldaya, 7/25/13

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://favim.com/image/464660/

211. Beauty

Prescience of quotidian enchantments:

The dreams one dreams ‘fore dawn.

Flowers, stars, sun, and moon,

Would seem form’laic were thee gone.

Thy face illumes the perfunctory tides,

Of apathy…, banality;

For if striven assiduously,

Smiles freely radiate from thee.

Myopically one cannot do much more,

Then love this deb’nair season.

For one dreams, hopes, and loves more,

Near thy beauty past all reason.

K. Aldaya, 2008

210. My Gift to You


I cannot give you everything.

The stars I cannot reach.

A mortal am I and one day I will die;

Just as those whom in prayers we beseech.

I cannot give you gold and jewels,

Or titles and castles.

I will though give, what I can as we live,

Together as earthly vassals.

I cannot give you perfection,

If such a thing there were.

Capricious. Perfidious.

And a ‘God’ lifes’ one comforter.

I cannot give you everything,

Yet this I give to you.

A hope.  A prayer.

A joy, and a care.

A promise to look after you.

And forever give, should I now die or live,

All the love which my heart could now or ever give.

K. Aldaya, 4/12/08

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://blog.myheritage.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/1221258221F3Les7b.jpg

208. A Lovers’ Dream

Mine eyes emerge from the chalice of dreams,

Drunk is the heart, as a lover, it seems.

Thy flesh is aglow as the glisten of dew,

Every morn, as thy face shines anew.

Enigmatic beauty in thy form,

Clouds all logic,

O’ thy presence is warm.

I care not of ‘morrow or any swift sorrow.

Thy life is my life, and thy strength I may borrow.

My lips cascade thy cloth-less, soft expanse,

Endless intoxications, to entrance.

For when morn turns to eve, and night to day,

I know not the reasons, but only the way;

That thy life fills my life,

And breathless I stand,

With my heart, thy heart,

And my hand in thy hand.

K. Aldaya, 04/10/07

205. Freedom to Fall


Years ago I wrote…

Wrote of emptiness;

And though I do not quote,

I find hence no progress.

Not that I have or not,

Still carried on in same,

I only know that I cannot,

Continue to stay-on the same.

I laugh at you,

You laugh at me,

Consummating not, with felicity.

I love, am loved I,

As may be merely dreamed,

By mortals daft as I,

Under the skies the ancients’ streamed.

I know and know not,

How to seek out my own,

How to love when I am not,

Clasp strength when I’m alone.

Fear holds me in,

And comfort holds me out,

And my face in the mirror’s but a shell of self-doubt.

I am but a love and a hope,

For the world of tomorrow,

And conquests I elope,

As mine in joy and sorrow.

I may be not, and I may be all,

But the beauty comes,

In the freedom to fall.

K. Aldaya, 12/10/06

Picture:  “Top of the World” by Emerald-Depths (Danielle) on Deviant Art: http://emerald-depths.deviantart.com/; http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/217/5/5/top_of_the_world_by_emerald_depths-d59vdo6.png

204. Content


The wind is blowing softly,

With the scent of the coming fall.

I yearn for it,

And hope for it,

As never I have before.

The anger I knew once,

A focused beam of strength;

And everyday, yes every day,

I pray my blessed-thanks.

“You’ll be okay”,

“You’ll be alright”,

Whispers in my ears;

From out the peace,

Which does not cease,

Between the earth and me.

You’re free.

You’re free!

And you can be,

All you choose to be!

For in the present,


I’m content to be me.

K. Aldaya, 9/05/06

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-xrBZH-rXkMQ/T51Oaxg4L0I/AAAAAAAACRY/B6O1YC8bv4Q/s400/girl,sun,pretty,running,freedom,sunlight-fb8641fa231ee1cbdd389e2f773a1b3b_h.jpg

200. A New Day


The drawn-out night has met its’ end,

And the daylight burns its’ memory.

With every moment black descends,

Into shadows and fantasy.

The dawn is here,

The sun is near,

To basking all the earth and sea.

We walk along our lonely roads,

The roads set out for us.

As rays parade the rocks and stones,

The shadows fade from us.

We glance behind.

Hear: “No more rewind!”,

And turn to greet our destinies.

K. Aldaya, 6/20/06

Pictures: Photographer Unknown; http://www.fotothing.com/photos/ebd/ebd556d700b9e5c075c476bb15b5ecdb.jpg

195. You Hold My Heart


You hold my hand and hold my heart,

When it fights and beats you back,

And though I feel your heart may lose,

I don’t want my heart back.

My heart is but a gray mirage,

Of one I should have known,

And can one e’er hope to possess,

Something they’ve never known?

Sometimes I feel you care too much,

This all will end wrong, so…

Why chance such a beautiful heart,

On one which may not grow?

Still, you hold my hand and hold my heart,

When it fights and beats you back,

And though I feel your heart could lose,

I don’t want my heart back!

K. Aldaya, 04/13/06

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lsxqp2ZKCO1qzy3mjo1_500.jpg

181. Doors Oft’ Lead to Nowhere


I pray this will not end the same,

As all things have before,

For I can’t take another fall…,

Close yet another door.

I’ve not the strength to walk again,

The endless empty corridor,

And op’ another unknown door,

Just to be left a whore.

A whore head-filled with ideal dreams,

Of given love received,

And given back with no expense,

Love there not deceived.

So ask me not to invest hence,

My heart unto your cause,

If you’re lost as to whether,

Concordance is without pause.

But still I pray this will not end,

A dream may be more yet!

That I may leave this doorway,

And prostitutions forget.

K. Aldaya, 10/25/05

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/p480x480/314894_473340722694940_393520269_n.jpg

171. Heroes


Heroes are to me a source of courage.

They embody strengths to live on the verge,

Of heartache, and troubles, but look always,

Up to the sky….and the hope of new-rays.

For they see not the end but the start of each new day.

They lead us to feel thus, in every way.

Not with their actions, though they are there,

But with their mere presence in this life that we share.

K. Aldaya, ’05

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://www.pehub.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/sunrise-nov-1-300×200.jpg

151. Vital Source


Dear Father-eternal,

Please grant me but one wish….

So I may endure full,

Of strength and carnal-resolve;

A mounting, rushing, chestful.

I beg of you, please send,

A soul burning with loves’ desire,

Furtive intoxication to fend,

Off this wastelands’ turbid-gale.

Let passioned-love transcend.

I ask you, show mercy!

Kill me now if it can’t be,

For to live one more night lonely,

Is worse than any early death.

Lord, please hear my heavy plea.

I beseech you Lord,

With every drop of blood stirring,

Don’t leave me with but a sword,

To fend-off proved heart-loathing,

‘Lone marching to a grave onward.

Pardon me but one true love,

To prove the undertaker wrong,

Live out this lifetime through,

In decadently engaged vitalities,

Which, with time, more eloquently imbue.

K. Aldaya, 6/30/05

Picture: Lie to Me: Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye; http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/33800000/Lie-to-me-lie-to-me-korean-drama-33896470-1280-720.jpg

145. Freedom to Dream

The birds fly through the trees,

Enriching our eyes with each glimpse.

The freedoms we seek from birth,

Flowing on wings of fair-primps:

Feathers of nature-bound worth.

Whisper your secrets to me on air,

Creaking down stagnant-dreamers:

Trees that reach toward the heavens,

Entreating enchantment-glimmers.

From the sun of divine-leavens.


Float through the halls of Valhalla,

O’ blessed creatures, soar and deliver,

The glory-soaked emancipations,

Of souls of vast times…now a quiver;

On birds with knowledge for all nations.

Freedom’s not a gift or privilege,

Something given to only a few.

Freedom’s what every spirit born,

Through all times and every land through,

Needs to count themselves earth-born.

For just as the sun daily shines,

And the trees reach to catch its’ beams.

The birds, just as us, must seek also,

To live an existence which gleams.

And flying with wings let ago…

As all the souls who’ve come and go,

To find life is a haven of limitless dreams!

K. Aldaya, 6/11/05

Picture:  “Soar” by Nomadlens; http://www.nomadlens.com/old/index-showimage=60.php.html

137. Hearts of Hope

I rode by Hope Drive today,

On a day as any day,

Steady on the sought-for path,

Chasing fluid-dreams that below gray clouds hath.

What is it about this land,

Which makes us e’er strive o’er sand?

Shifted by the winds of chance,

On roads we flow on in a lively dance.

Little known about the course,

But for the sun and moons’ source.

Predictable dances danced,

To the flourishing of us: daily entranced.

Bearing caskets of regret,

And pains dug-up from times’ set.

Creaking-timber haunts foots stepped,

Upon aged-stone where progress is oft’ backswept.

Then a season comes to clear,

For a moment trusts seem near.

On a day like any other,

The tired road traveled passes another.

Desires to continue…,

Trust in humans found anew.

“Life is short”, we echo out,

As a brazen bell of funerals devout.

So we drive along our way,

Each and every bloody day,

Stepping on the cracks we’ve made,

On roads we ride on in daily masquerade.

Our footprints cut in the cracks,

Pouring crimson hurts from backs,

Over-burdened with remorse,

From the afflictions of predescended course.

Even with our scarlet feet,

Weeping from our journeys’ seat.

Eyes glisten with the sure sight,

Of a Hope Drive: reminding us of the light!

I rode by Hope Drive today,

On a day as any day,

Steady on lifes’ constant path,

Chasing the hope of dreams which each heart hath.

K. Aldaya, 5/7/05

131. Good Things to Come


Birds are chirping fiercely,

A sign of good things to come,

For just ’cause you can’t see its’ worth,

Doesn’t conclude that it has none.

Shut your eyes and listen…,

Listen to their song of life.

Bury deep their soft melodies,

Which sooth passing-times’ lurking strife.

Let their voices lead you,

Each day, by day, by day long,

To hum a happy tune of hope:

That life can bring to ear sweet-song.

Good things are on their way,

Found by some but there for all,

Flowing from the breath of ‘God’s’ love,

Through birds, for mens’ hearts to enthrall.

—–In morn his passions’ call.

K. Aldaya, 3/17/05

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://www.iwallscreen.com/stock/morning-birds-hd-wallpaper.jpg

129. La Luna Song

O’ la luna,

Dance me in your light.

Spin me through the blackened fields,

Grass-blades shimmering in your sight,

On this crisp October night.

O’ la luna,

Caress this soft eve-wind,

So it will lull with crawling flesh,

And whispering, “rescind, rescind”…,

Carry ‘way the soul un-skinned.


O’ la luna,

Revive they song and sing,

Of gallantry, valor true,

And hearty so it doth ring,

Echoing through everything.

O’ la luna,

Your presence dragoons,

The spirit to endure and frolic to the seeping tunes,

Flowing down from beacon-moons.

O’ la luna,

Drip down into me.

Sift through cracks of rusted-bone;

Free the longing reverie:

Fiery reserves of glee.

O’ la luna,

For in your light and air,

Fairies flutter whimsically,

In the weightless air, so fair;

Free, vibrant, without a care!

O’ la luna,

Bail out the prisoned-dream.

Deep beyond the bones and flesh is…,

A subsisting thought to deem:

There’s more life than what may seem.

O’ la luna,

Locked and chained to the law,

The conditions of judges,

Belie my core with a flaw;

And leaves me ‘lone and in awe.

O’ la luna,

Unsuited by the skin.

A realization’s found…,

Dancing with a fairy-spin,

A contentment long hidden.

O’ la luna,

From out the bones it runs,

Set loose upon the midnight,

To be and live, and dance suns,

Into the dark-world of shuns.

O’ la luna,

My spirit runs to thee,

Declaring in a whisper,

“Dance me in your light…hold me”.

And spins in the crisp-nights’ air,

The unquenchable passion to be.

K. Aldaya, 3/7/05

Picture:  from wildretina.com; Artist Unknown; http://www.wildretina.com/nature/photo/full-moon-in-night-sky-over-water.jpg

127. A Life of Serenity


Serenity be ye more than a thought?

In conflicted days,

To find peace that is sought?

A light airy haze,

Where sparkling joy is wrought?

Joy be ye more than a laugh or a smile?

In soft happy lines,

Stretching forth in long miles,

Passing memory signs?

Belief fills bloods’ vials.

Joy-serene ye can be more than these dreams.

Believe the journey,

Is more than what it seems.

Past holds no guide key,

To life-roads your soul deems.

K. Aldaya, 2/28/05

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://persolaise.blogspot.com/2012/01/whats-chypre-when-its-at-home.html

116. Snow Song


Sing me the snow song,

The song of the snow;

Of glittering white powder,

That all fairies know,

Send smiles with each snowflake,

Ah, good for all mens sake.

So sing me the snow song,

The song of the snow;

Of fantastical snow-lands,

That all creatures know,

Are always here with us,

In ‘mag’nations aglow—

O’ let it snow!

K. Aldaya, 1/27/05

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://tribepk.com/20-beautiful-hd-wallpapers-of-snowfall/garden-view-beautiful-hd-wallpapers-of-snowfall

108. Golden Memories


On a day many years ago,

In a town of old,

I walked the streets of gray,

To find myself some gold.

Not the gold that feeds the hand,

But a gold inside.

A moment that sparkles a kind,

Memory, for heart to hide.

Just one moment of a tree,

With brightly colored leaves.

In this autumn this old tree,

Kind remembrance ‘chieves.

It only takes a small deep glance,

At a common beauty,

To store away the memories of ,

All which the Earth finds duty.

Don’t forget to take a breath,

And see all there is to see.

For these lovely visions are,

What can make heart’s free.

K. Aldaya, 12/4/04

Picture:  “An Autumn Stroll-West Bennington Vermont” by Thomas Schoeller: http://thomas-schoeller.artistwebsites.com/; http://fineartamerica.com/featured/an-autumn-stroll-west-bennington-vermont-thomas-schoeller.html

97. Hold the Sorrowful People

Oh ‘God’ so many sad souls there are,

Bring them near despite their wish for far.

Oh ‘God’ up on high,

Hold all the sad and weary nigh.

Oh ‘God’, let them know your face,

Though burdened find eternal grace.

Oh ‘God’ show them heavens’ gates.

An infinite life where true happiness awaits!

K. Aldaya, 11/07/04

74. Castaway


Dear ‘God’, please remember me when I reach heaven’s ingress.

Hold me close as can be, for I have such loneliness.

Dear ‘God’, why do they all leave?

Why always left here alone?

Daily soul to grieve and grieve,

‘Til my heart is dead as stone.

Dear ‘God’, I’ll pretend you’re here.

Standing next to me smiling.

Glancing at me so dear,

This dream keeps me trying.

Dear ‘God’, would you stay always,

With this ‘lone forsaken soul?

Upon which none do gaze,

Left by the world unwhole.

Dear ‘God’, maybe you care for me?

People pass me on their way,

But don’t care to know me,

A lonely castaway.

K. Aldaya, 9/16/04

Picture: by dear_wes on Weheartit.com; http://weheartit.com/entry/65224866/via/dear_wes

44. The Sky


At times when I think nothing is right,

And I feel that I am losing this fight.

When people are really cruel and vile,

One can get to feel dreadfully futile.

That is when you need the wide sky,

A vision of happy to see with your eye.

Each sky is different than ever before,

Up where the clouds and birds ever soar.

Looking at sunbeams through the white clouds,

Wastes away all of your life’s sad shrouds.

In raising your attentions heaven-bound.

It gives you a chance to lose earth ground.

You no longer are a tormented soul,

But ‘God’ has you and you feel whole.

Just for a little while you are at peace,

Until you return back to the pit without cease.

K. Aldaya, 3/10/04

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://environmental-life-ministries.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/sun_sky_1.jpg

35. The Past Forever


Here we are on this new morn,

We wish knowledge may be born;

To the past forever on its’ way,

To find the night and lose the day.

We want to change some things,

A choice can’t take back what it brings.

For the past is forever on its’ way,

To find the night and lose the day.

But alas with each new suns’ ray,

We are given a recreated day,

To make the best of in every way.

K. Aldaya, 2/24/04

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://www.thecampuscompanion.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/beautiful_sunrise_on_green_meadow.jpg

22. Unconditional Love


All I’ve ever wanted. All I’ve wished that could be,

Is that someone love me unconditionally.

Somebody who knows me, knows the inside and out,

And still loves me without any doubt.

Questions tear at my heart, asking when, who, and how?

Why can’t love find me here and now?

Will love ever come by, to a soul such as me,

Who has been deprived so blatantly?

The past holds nothings; nones.

Future’s my sun and my breath.

Dear ‘God’, please deliver some love before death!

I’m so sick of goodbyes,

Of the fading faces,

Of the tragedies of all the cases.

Of all the things to want, of all the things to need,

Love is wanted the most indeed!

All I’ve ever wanted.  All I’ve wished that could be,

Is that someone love me unconditionally.

K. Aldaya, 12/29/02

Picture: Eternal Love by Circusspider on Deviant Art; http://circusspider.deviantart.com/art/eternal-love-43901336

7. Point of Decision


There comes a point when you must change, everything, and roam a new range.

Your old ways no longer will do. Absolutely, a new path is set for you.

You realize now, what you had done, incorrectly, and finally walk into the sun.

There comes a point in your life, believe me, you will need to lose that strife.

You must learn, do what works, unquestionably; and toss the old that lurks.

Move on now to a better day, unmistakably; a new one in every way.

K. Aldaya, 6/21/03

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://blog.sendgrid.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/iStock_000000627358Small.jpg