374. Drifting Ghosts

I stand still too afraid to move forward,

For each step taken cuts deep like a sword.

Everything is a mem’ry I’d rather forget;

And each day is yet another spent in regret.

I know I cannot save myself, so I beg for the hand…

Which chokes me into silence yet again.

Which chokes me into silence again.


I stand and glance across the sun-parched grass,

Spying on the baffling winds as they pass…

A leaf toward my feet..oh, just like the one which flew..

Along the path I used to walk on, and I knew…

It was your lonesome and bitter ghost, haunting me again;

And your presence drags me back there again.

You always drag me back there again.

I stand and wonder, and ponder too long,

On why the winds carry my ghosts along:

Forever drifting about in search when I flee.

I hear their voices echo and cry out to me.

I stand here in front of you with a penetrating smile.

No one cares the ghosts were there all the while.

Ah, my ghosts have been there all the while.

K. Aldaya, 11/2/16

Picture: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/34003/fall-leaves-gif


350. Murderer!


You asked me what I want from you,

I’m happy to oblige.

I simply want my soul which you…


You laugh, for you know you can’t bring,

Anything back from death;

Because once you murder something…

It is gone.

You know you can’t change what you’ve done,

And what you never did.

You walk headfirst into the sun…

Blindly on.

Why did you always walk on by,

While I bled under your feet?

You knew my soul was going to die…

And let it.

So, don’t ask me what I want.

You know it is no use.

My soul left long ago to haunt…

Your conscience.

I want my soul back! Give it back!!

I’m hollow bones and skin!

Why did you let me slowly die….

In your sin?

K. Aldaya, 4/25/16

Picture:  http://favim.com/image/35911/

343. Ghosts Are Some of My Best Friends


Ghosts are some of my best friends,

Though I’m not sure they want to be;

I certainly don’t care for their games,

Or their endless mockery.

They follow whispering in my ears:

“Restore my sanity!”

Ghosts are some of my best friends,

They’re the best at hide and seek.

No matter where I run and hide,

They always manage to silently sneak,

And scare me half to death…

Yep, winning’s always bleak.

Ghosts are some of my best friends,

Though I really wish they’d leave.

I listen to their moans and cries,

Hoping they will grant reprieve,

And scurry off to heaven or such…

Yet nope, they never really leave.

Ghosts are some of my best friends,

They make me want to die.

Would they disappear if I drown myself,

Or is that just a lie?

Are the ghosts still part of me,

Or will they never die?

Ghosts are some of my best friends,

Though I don’t want them to be.

I worry they have found new life,

In the echoes of eternity,

And fear at death they’ll hold me, screaming:

“Where’s our sanity!!”

K. Aldaya, 4/4/16

Picture: Originally posted on Tumblr; http://weheartit.com/entry/group/11322498#

68. For All Time More


Here lies shadow,

Hence, nothing more,

Phantasmically bestrewed across the floor.

For all time more. For all time more.

Fear to ask from whence it bore,

This person’s cast upon the floor.

For all time more. For all time more.

Strangers hear from every shore,

The tale of shadow that moves not for,

All time more. All time more.

The tale of life from distant lore,

Which through times’ pass,

You more implore.

(A tale that you can’t ignore)

For all time more. For all time more.

An unknown land lost in war,

A person lived behind closed door.

For all time more. For all time more.

Closed off from all

That makes hearts soar,

And none to hear the pain it bore…

To the shadow left upon the floor.

With the knowledge gone before.

Lost behind a clos’ed door,

Far off on a distant shore.

Told in an ancient lore.

For all time more. For all time more.

K. Aldaya, 8/8/04

Picture: “Dark Corridor II” by Bicepk on Deviant Art; http://bicepk.deviantart.com/art/Dark-corridor-II-173833121

23. The Strangers

Brown_lady ghost

Who are these things that live among us?

In the darkness. In the shadows.

Among the muss.

Are they good or are they bad?

Are they happy or are they sad?

Do they see us as we see them?

As mist. As emotions. As a transparent gem?

Are they like us with feelings and emotions?

Are they allowed to have such notions?

Who are these things that live among us?

In the darkness. In the shadows. In the hallways.

Near the dadoes. In the attics. In the basements.

In rooms toying with the casements.

Are they alone or are they in teams,

Or could they be the strangers that lurk in our dreams?

K. Aldaya, 4/18/02

Picture:  Taken On September 19, 1936 by Captain Hubert C. Provand for Country Life Magazine; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brown_lady.jpg