322. Smile City


I walk the lonely neon streets,

Of my minds’ perceptioned-city:

Constructed experiences,

On frames of personality.

It glows here with electric-life,

And yet all is calm and silent.

The lit windows in each skyscraper,

Are on all the time to torment.

For all that keeps me company,

Are the shadows in the darkness;

They wander ’bout the city streets,

With motives one can’t quite assess.

O’ the night is never-ending,

And sanity is not welcome.

For the only ways to pass time,

Require certain levels of numb.

The cityscape gets dull and drab,

And monotony fosters art.

Splash of red here.  A mural there.

Blood stains make for good tragic art;

And when life gets too tiresome,

There are always things to distract.

Just climb atop a tall building,

And jump off to make an impact!

One must always make sure to smile…

Or at least wear one anyway;

‘Cause come on, what else can you do?

Has it not always been this way?

The world is built on blood and tears,

Though as they say, “Just smile, it’s life!”

We haunt this endless night alone,

Smiling on with the help of a knife.

K. Aldaya, 10/10/15

Picture:  from HD Wallpapershttp://www.hdwallpapers.im/sadness_loneliness_longing_night_city_roof_railing_lighting_a_girl_desktop-wallpaper.html

266. A Rhyming Poem About Rhyming Poems


I’ve heard rhyme is obsolete,

And that it is a bore.

Poems in rhyme are tedious;

And furthermore they fuss,

“The quality: poor”.

Those pretentious elitists.

I don’t care what they say.

Rhyming is just what I do;

And I will continue to,

Write them out this way.

I will continue to write,

Though they will not publish.

They can say it’s pathetic.

Yes, in the head I’m thick.

Do as you so wish.

Why is the rhyme more important,

Than what my poems express?

The depth of what I’m saying?

Hear what I’m conveying;

Perceive and possess!

Rhyme is not some silly skill;

It is a song to me.

I hear it inside beating….beating….

Like my life-force greeting….through words…singing,

And I’m free!

K.Aldaya, 4/6/14

Picture: “Dancer in the Dark III” by Rijama on Deviant Art; http://rijama.deviantart.com/art/dancer-in-the-dark-III-88379195

216. Goodbye World

I’m tired of trying to explain what I know;

What I see.

What I sense.

What I feel.

What nonsense!

Only I can know since our souls do not show.

It’s important to me that at least some can know,

What is there.

What is me.

What is right,

Least to me;

So to show what I know of why my soul could not grow….


……….Goodbye world you know.

K. Aldaya, 06/02/11

Picture:  by George Grie: http://www.neosurrealismart.com/modern-art-prints/?biography/; http://www.neosurrealismart.com/3d-artist-gallery/3d-artworks/3d-fantasy-art/353d-Final-Frontier-B.jpg

213. Incomplete Expression


My extremities stir when whispered my thoughts,

Exploded from the cages of dark confines thus;

To tickle the skin ’til it bares and it bleeds,

The truth of the home it possesses and feeds.

If only my hands could write out what they feel,

And my mind, what it thinks, and it knows, and it hides;

And the soul that I am find the freedom at last,

From this body, alone, and incomprehensibly vast.

K. Aldaya, 2009

Picture:  “Through the Looking Glass” by LanWu on Deviant Art: http://lanwu.deviantart.com/; http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo335/Isalie/Anime%20nice%20pics/through_the_looking_glass_by_LanWu.jpg

177. Bloodwork


Nothing I say means one bit to this world,

Or anything on it which dwells.

For eyes which can see,

May not read what doth be,

In the ink-work that on paper quells.

Words may have form and a structure to glean,

But what of the hand which was moved?

To flow and work out,

Scripting as monks devout,

In pursuit of a burdens’ remove?

Yea, O’ to you, who care not what and who,

Has drawn out blood in a known spread,

To show the soul pain,

A person’s heart and brain,

And close your eyes whisp’ring…

“Tears aren’t shed”.

K. Aldaya, 10/14/05

Picture:  “Hush” by Nelleke on Deviant Art; http://www.deviantart.com/art/Hush-422553246