446. Beyond Reach


I wonder if ’twere better to be blind?

For we see beauty ne’er to be touched,

And human souls ne’er to be reached.

Why?….Oh why, is existence so unkind?

To grant us sight of what will not be.

To pull back what dangles before us;

As we reach with all of our might.

I wonder if ’twere better not to see,

That which is beyond our reach?

K. Aldaya, 6/22/18

Picture: Posted by Odette Baudouin on wpnature.com; http://wpnature.com/reaching-beauty-pink-hand-trees-nature-flower-beautiful-relaxing-welness-feng-shui-computer-desktop-wallpaper/


383. The Soul is a Symphony

sunny field

I wonder what people will say of me,

When I am finally gone?

Will they praise me for my honesty,

Or say that I was wrong?

Will they love my naked words,

Or loathe me as a whore?

Will they understand my words,

And why I always had to say more?

Will they say that I was sick,

Or plan and simply: pessimistic?

Will they think that’s all that made me tick?

That I was never optimistic?

After all is said and done,

I hope no one will ever say,

That I never cherished even one…

Earthly human day.

No one can help or change their path;

It is theirs to walk alone.

You’ll never understand that path;

The only path I’ve ever known.

Yet one thing I must make quite clear…

I crawled, lived, and fought;

And as much as I bore pain and fear,

Love is what I sought.

Beauty is more beautiful,

And happiness more divine,

When you know just how rare and wonderful,

It is to feel the sunshine.

To see flowers bloom each spring.

To watch children smile and glow,

And know that despite everything,

Love continues to nurture and grow.

I wonder what people will think of me,

When I am finally gone.

I hope they’ll realize how fully,

I felt and lived each dawn.

–For the soul is a symphony, not a song.

K. Aldaya, 1/20/17

Picture: https://w-dog.net/wallpaper/mood-girl-a-woman-hair-silhouette-loneliness-thought-meditation-of-mind-the-field-flower-flowers-flower-sunset-sun-night-background-wallpaper-widescreen-full-screen-widescreen-hd-wallpapers-background/id/348657/


302. Gothic


The beauty of the universe,

Is truly a sight to behold.

There is joy to be found in many places,

And if I could be so bold…

I’d say: Beauty has many faces.

Even in the darkest of nights,

When shadows traverse the planet,

The universe is seen more dazzling and pure;

And all the stars which span it,

Only the darkness can confer.

True beauty is not found skin-deep.

Things which on the surface may seem,

Dark and depressing or freakish and bizarre,

May be just the things which beam,

And bare the most enchanting star.

You shouldn’t reject out of hand,

The beauty which lies in the dark.

You may find you’ve missed, what in life, is most grand:

Something which shines in the dark!

You may miss a new stars’ first spark.

K. Aldaya, 4/26/15

Picture: Interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night by Alex Ruiz; http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/starry-night-alex-ruiz.jpg

208. A Lovers’ Dream

Mine eyes emerge from the chalice of dreams,

Drunk is the heart, as a lover, it seems.

Thy flesh is aglow as the glisten of dew,

Every morn, as thy face shines anew.

Enigmatic beauty in thy form,

Clouds all logic,

O’ thy presence is warm.

I care not of ‘morrow or any swift sorrow.

Thy life is my life, and thy strength I may borrow.

My lips cascade thy cloth-less, soft expanse,

Endless intoxications, to entrance.

For when morn turns to eve, and night to day,

I know not the reasons, but only the way;

That thy life fills my life,

And breathless I stand,

With my heart, thy heart,

And my hand in thy hand.

K. Aldaya, 04/10/07

70. The Star


O’ Bright star up on high,

Tell me everything.

So to know if God is nigh,

For to prove love’s not a lie.

O’ Sagacious star of night,

Tell me everything.

Through all time your shining light,

Hath seen the peace and seen the fight.

O’ Radiant beaming star,

Tell me everything.

Show me though afar,

That heavens’ gleaming light you are.

O’ Glorious star in the black,

Tell me everything,

All the wisdom that I lack.

Help me find some steady track.

O’ Great sparkling starlet,

Tell me everything.

Tell me how I can forget ’bout all,

But when we first met.

O’ Shimmering star in the sky,

Tell me everything,

For the night is ever nigh,

And I wonder why, oh why?

K. Aldaya, 8/15/04

Picture: “Night Sky Practice 1” by Sniggle-Wiggle on Deviant Art; http://sniggle-wiggle.deviantart.com/art/Night-Sky-practice-1-360693899