159. The Lonely Mind

Would it not be grand to have all understand,

This life I have known, and the mind that doth stand,

Alone in bare-atone?

Wouldn’t it be great to be not one lost fate,

But a cared ’bout concept, not to be learned too late.

For still-conscious mans accept?

And being thou then seen, not for pity but for being,

For toiling in isolations, in whate’er sense it mean;

And conceive the implications,

Of what one may so glean.

K. Aldaya, 8/25/05


153. A Poem


This will not be a symphony,

No chorus will be kept,

To carry on the tragedy,

Ling’ring where you once slept…

Of condensed sadnesses once wept.

This will not be sagaciously held,

As some brilliant thought,

For many more men hath first-held,

The vision of what is sought,

Through words on pages unwrought.

This will not be a masterpiece,

For humanities’ clear comprehension.

Of what drives each minds’ uncease,

Of reverent self-discoveries: one…

With which souls share to their exaction.

K. Aldaya, 7/14/05

Picture:  “Concert Given by Cardinal De La Rochefoucauld At The Argentina Theatre in Rome” by Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1747); http://fineartamerica.com/featured/concert-given-by-cardinal-de-la-rochefoucauld-at-the-argentina-theatre-in-rome-giovanni-paolo-pannini-or-panini.html