I first started writing poetry in my teens, and originally the poems were merely numbered. When I created this blog I decided to add titles as well. My poetry may be dark for some, so please read with due caution. I only write when I feel compelled or have the time to do so. My wish is that others may be able to read and be touched by my work. I want to thank everyone for stopping by, subscribing, liking, and understanding this blog.

Sincerely, K.

Copyright 2002-2020 K. Aldaya (Batza)

Contact Email: mysoulisalockwithoutakey@gmail.com

Disclaimer: All writings are based on personal experience. Any works used in promotion of abuse of any kind are done without the express permission of the author.

P.S. None of the artwork on this site is my own unless stated otherwise. I try to give credit for all art to the best of my ability. If you like any artwork you see here please visit the links cited under each post and support those artists and/or sites. (Site Background Image: http://wallpaperforcomputer.net/11938-new-york-skyline-city-photography-wallpaper.html

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