477. Flashbacked


Be careful, she could break with a touch.

Her skin is like glass,

And she feels too much.

Tread lightly, in following her trail.

She’s gone far away,

And her mind, it is frail.

Come quickly, or it may be too late.

Time waits for no one,

And time is our fate.

Talk softly, and don’t scare her further.

She can’t see you move,

Your face is a blur.

Be gentle… She’s meager and brittle.

Her body is old,

But her mind, it is little.

Be careful, she could break with a touch.

Her skin is like glass

And she feels too much.

K. Aldaya, 5/22/19

Picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbPVrZOLO3I

476. Places to Go

I long to escape,

Yet I’ve nowhere to go.

My heart lies on the ground,

Covered over with snow.

I long to fly up…

Upon the winds, and free,

Instead at the window,

I dream of being me.

I long to return,

To the sun and the earth,

Where I feel warm and light,

And every breath has worth.

I long to escape,

Though I’ve nowhere to go;

Yet when winter is gone,

Do not find me and sow.

Please spread my dust out,

I have places to go.

K. Aldaya, 5/21/19

475. Monstrous

You love to laugh at my misfortune.

To watch me suffer and cry.

When I’m hurt or sick, you look away,

And wait ’round for me to die.

You’ve never asked me about myself.

Years, and I’m still the outcast.

You’d rather make up lies and spread them,

Then to get the truth at last.

You’ve stolen from me… Gave me silence.

Ignored, screamed, and called me names.

You’ve never cared how much pain you cause,

And replay those same mind-games.

You know I have no family to care.

There’s a target on my back.

No one will stand up in my defense.

Orphans are soft to attack.

I wonder if you’ll ever fathom,

The use of introspection.

I doubt it, for as it has been said,

Monsters will not stare at their own reflection,..

It scares them too much.

K. Aldaya, 5/19/19

474. Victorious

This world is full of bullies,

Who’ll throw their weight around.

They’ll lack the skill to fight you,

So they’ll cheat and build themselves up,

To throw you to the ground.

No matter what they may say.

The best won’t always win.

Those who fail time and again,

May never get what they deserve.

May never, ever win.

So you should not place your bets,

On who will win one fight,

For the true victor will rise,

Against the odds and vast mountains,

Without a hand in sight.

This world is full of bullies.

It’s not fair, but it’s true.

They’ll find ways to tear you down,

While looking like the noble saint;

And the pure angel too.

Do not be discouraged though.

Fight on… Fight hard and strong!

For no matter the outcome,…

Defeat is but temporary,

And eternity is long.

K. Aldaya, 5/12/19

Picture: Alicia Vikander, Tomb Raider; https://www.trainforher.com/alicia-vikander-becoming-lara-croft/