332. Drama Queen


Drama is your middle name,

And Queen’s your sur-title.

You play folks like a fiddle, dear.

Reigning unopposed is vital.

If anyone dares compete,

For your title or your fame,

You enforce that no one cares at all…

Life goes on just the same;

Then switch to a better topic:

How much harder your life is…

How kind you are to grant an ear,

To pathetic and weak misses.

You broke a nail yesterday.

Why is no one crying?

You looked quite pale just last week.

Shouldn’t someone be dying…

To ask about you and offer pity?

To mourn your bitter fate?

Commoners don’t have a coffer so deep,

And full of needs so great!

You think: “How dare their selfish tears reveal your painted roses.

Your roses should be a bloody red.

How dare their pain betray your position.

Off with their head!”

K. Aldaya, 2/13/16

Picture: Artist Unknown; http://weheartit.com/entry/34173206


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