321. Fraudulency

tortured_angel_by_tailsfails-d47q0z6 (1)

Mess with my head,

Oh my, I try,

To not be lead,

By the facade.

Yet my, oh my,

You love to play,

The game, and blame…

Me right away,

For your own words.

You shame and maim.

Always at fault.

I cry, and die,

As a result;

And you thrive on…

My fault. My fault…

That I believe,

You care, and dare,

To wear on sleeve,

A heart that bleeds…

Despair.  Despair:

Induced by trust.

You plod, and trod,

On faith, and rust,

Idols of hope.

My God! My God!

You’re such a fraud!!

K. Aldaya, 9/28/15

Picture: “Tortured Angel” by TAILSfails at Deviant Art.  http://tailsfails.deviantart.com/art/Tortured-angel-254836338

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