311. Blind


Eyes see, they don’t perceive.

Your eyes cry, but you won’t hear.

Eyes are blind to conclusions;

As the head will refuse to peer,

Where its’ truths lead to confusions…

And spill out bloody tears,

From acknowledgments’ contusions.

Eyes see, they don’t conceive.

Your eyes cry, but you ignore,

Observations which conflict,

With who (you feel) you are at your core;

And question what you constrict,

To the foot of reality’s door.

Your ‘facts’ they are too strict.

Knock-knock. Will you open the door?

K. Aldaya, 7/11/15

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://favim.com/image/1861935/

310. Gypsy Heart


My heart, it is a nomad who wanders to and fro;

Forever seeking that unnamed place where it longs to go.

My heart, it is a traveler of days and endless hours,

Searching for the budding rose among times’ wilting flowers.

My heart, it is a gypsy dancing beneath the moon;

Dreaming of new heavens found to the beating of its’ tune.

My heart, it is a woodland elf who sings out to the trees,

Of its’ aching urge to float out as a leaf upon the breeze.

K. Aldaya, 7/9/15

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://weddbook.com/media/2067856/bohemian-decorations-lace-on-trees-lovely-lace-wedding-pinterest

309. You (Yes, You) Are Special


I’ve heard it said many times before,

That life has no point and that therefore,

People are dust and to dust they return;

And there is nothing more.

I refuse to believe that this is right,

And I’m probably a fool to hope outright,

That people have spirits, and spirits they’ll be,

When on winds their dust takes flight.

You are the first and the last, in the end.

You exist and there is no need to defend…

Your reason for being, or what makes you special;

For your life is a miracle, my friend!

In all the universe.  In all time and space.

There will only ever be one you with that face:

To feel the sun, and to ponder the stars.

A precious new form of the perplexing human race.

K. Aldaya, 6/29/15

Picture: Photographer Unknown; Uploaded by Veinalldum on 7-themes.com; http://7-themes.com/7008550-mood-girl-kid-joy-happiness-photo.html