305. Isn’t Love Challenging?


Why do you fall to meet me,

Instead of raise me up?

Should we not challenge anything,

And grow down, not up?

Wouldn’t the world be a sad sight,

If flowers never bloomed?

If their roots strangled each other,

And all of that beauty was doomed?

No one needs someone to grab them,

When they’re leaning on the edge.

What they need is someone to question,

Their decision to stand on a ledge.

Isn’t it going to be too late,

When at the edge we stand?

To be the “selves” we might have been,

If you’d tried to understand?

Shouldn’t we build each other up,

Instead of just standing here?

Wouldn’t we be the best of ourselves,

If we stopped idling in fear?

K. Aldaya, 5/17/15

GIF: Original Source Unknown;  http://rebloggy.com/post/gif-love-girl-sad-lonely-beautiful-awesome-vintage-hurt-wonderful-alone-grunge-w/81286180650


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