298. Dancing in Blood


I know you think me dense,

‘Cause of the smile on my face,

But don’t underestimate me.

Don’t ever lie to my face!

I know manipulation.

I’ve lived beyond my years.

I’ve met all kinds in my life.

Nothing’s ever what it appears.

I never believe what I hear.

I will make my own decision,

And if I find you lied to me,

There will be a division.

Our bond will be severed,

And the bloody mess of it all,

Will flow out, and that blood,

Will be made plaster for a wall.

I’ll soak the bricks in blood,

And everything reanalyze.

I’ll keep building that wall higher,

Until you give up your lies.

For I am not a fool you see,

And I’m done being a toy.

I won’t be used and manipulated,

For your amusement or your joy.

Why do so many these days,

Lie to seek out attention?

Why do they not know each lie,

Maims others by extension?

Don’t lie to me expecting pity.

I’d have cared regardless,

But now I feel nothing but anger;

For I know you’d never confess.

I loathe manipulators.

I will not stand for frauds!

Though I’ll show human decency,

No matter who defrauds.

I’d be the first to apologize,

If I ever hurt you,

So why don’t you care at all?

Is dancing in blood fun for you?

K. Aldaya, 4/3/15

Picture: from American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns; https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/40/41/4d/40414d36cc288471614a801f6034a77c.jpg

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