302. Gothic


The beauty of the universe,

Is truly a sight to behold.

There is joy to be found in many places,

And if I could be so bold…

I’d say: Beauty has many faces.

Even in the darkest of nights,

When shadows traverse the planet,

The universe is seen more dazzling and pure;

And all the stars which span it,

Only the darkness can confer.

True beauty is not found skin-deep.

Things which on the surface may seem,

Dark and depressing or freakish and bizarre,

May be just the things which beam,

And bare the most enchanting star.

You shouldn’t reject out of hand,

The beauty which lies in the dark.

You may find you’ve missed, what in life, is most grand:

Something which shines in the dark!

You may miss a new stars’ first spark.

K. Aldaya, 4/26/15

Picture: Interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night by Alex Ruiz; http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/starry-night-alex-ruiz.jpg

301. Haunted


I know you will not understand,

When I say he wants me dead.

You will never understand what it’s like,

For another to live in your head.

To cut into your flesh so deep,

They bleed into your blood;

So violently invade your skin,

That they form a crimson flood,

And break down all the barricades,

Built to protect the spirit.

And barge inside so loudly,

That it frightens all who hear it.

All the parts of you, they hide,

In other rooms and floors;

They hide for fear of being found:

Cowering behind locked doors.

For the intruder walks up and down,

The corridors and stairs,

With his knife scrapping the walls, he walks,

And through each keyhole glares.

If anyone gets out of place,

And tries to run or sneak.

He’ll hear, find, and punish them,

At the softest of a creak.

Some parts of you will try to fight,

Yet it always ends the same.

A blood-bath; as a mortal can’t win,

An immortal at his game.

I know you do not understand,

When I say he wants me dead.

That he hunts the halls and that he guards,

The prison in my head.

No one can escape or leave.

No one’s allowed freedom.

Some live in fear, or plan escape,

Yet most are simply numb.

Please try to understand me,

When I say I cannot tell you.

To open up those locked doors,

Is something I can’t do.

To open them I risk my life,

And all the parts of me.

He’d kill body or mind to hide,

His crimes against sanity.

Hush now. Hush and be still,

And believe what you will.

For I know, yet cannot fully say,

Why my mind is haunted still.

K. Aldaya, 4/23/15

Picture: The Haunted Mansion Corridor at Disneyland; http://www.haunt1000.com/publishImages/MyHauntedMansion~~element27.jpg

300. The War


The War rages on hidden from view,

As the casualties mount,

Too many to count;

The cost of living no one foreknew.

One side: The Rational Army.

The other: The Ardent Brigade,…

Which plans out each raid,

To get to the heart of it you see.

Every squadron is resolute,

In fighting for their cause,

And without pause,

They’d kill or die to win the dispute.

The Rational Army’s clever;

Yet it is blind to hope,

And it cannot cope,

With the weight of every endeavor.

The Ardent Brigade’s positive,

The the War will soon end,

So they will defend,

Farfetched hopes and pipe-dreams while they live.

The War rages on between two sides.

Neither side will e’er yield.

They feel they must wield,

The right to make choices for both sides.

They don’t understand each other,

They surely never will.

The War’s a standstill.

One rules for a time, then the other.

Each soldier bravely plays their part.

The differences so vast,

Make it sure to last:

The War between the head and the heart.

K. Aldaya, 4/14/15

Picture:  “Battlefield” by 88grzes on Deviant Art; http://88grzes.deviantart.com/art/Battlefield-428275372

299. Star Crossed Lovers


No matter how far we reach,

Our spirits remain distant.

We long to meet…reach…and reach…

Yet our skin is resistant.

Our skin and bones detain us;

Hold us under lock and key.

On and on our sentence drones.

In death will we be set free?

Or is this a death sentence?

Life in prison. No parole;

Without recourse or defense,

Then shot dead through the keyhole?

Someday if our deaths’ pardon.

If souls traverse the cosmos.

Will we finally meet someone,

Discern and draw in so close,

That two souls may become one?

K. Aldaya, 4/7/15

Picture:  By kelsey-makes-you-smile.xanga.com; http://favim.com/image/54089/

298. Dancing in Blood


I know you think me dense,

‘Cause of the smile on my face,

But don’t underestimate me.

Don’t ever lie to my face!

I know manipulation.

I’ve lived beyond my years.

I’ve met all kinds in my life.

Nothing’s ever what it appears.

I never believe what I hear.

I will make my own decision,

And if I find you lied to me,

There will be a division.

Our bond will be severed,

And the bloody mess of it all,

Will flow out, and that blood,

Will be made plaster for a wall.

I’ll soak the bricks in blood,

And everything reanalyze.

I’ll keep building that wall higher,

Until you give up your lies.

For I am not a fool you see,

And I’m done being a toy.

I won’t be used and manipulated,

For your amusement or your joy.

Why do so many these days,

Lie to seek out attention?

Why do they not know each lie,

Maims others by extension?

Don’t lie to me expecting pity.

I’d have cared regardless,

But now I feel nothing but anger;

For I know you’d never confess.

I loathe manipulators.

I will not stand for frauds!

Though I’ll show human decency,

No matter who defrauds.

I’d be the first to apologize,

If I ever hurt you,

So why don’t you care at all?

Is dancing in blood fun for you?

K. Aldaya, 4/3/15

Picture: from American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns; https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/40/41/4d/40414d36cc288471614a801f6034a77c.jpg

297. Smiles: They are Liars!


Smiles: they are liars!

Do not trust their forms.

They live as “Great Deniers”,

Of internal storms.

Some smile to spread cheer.

Some smile for just themselves,

While others smile out of fear,

Or to hide from themselves.

If one laughs and smiles.

If they always seem happy,

Would you believe an expressions’ wiles,

Could mask a tragedy?

Behind smiles lie many things…

Anxieties and fears;

They often mask real feelings.

They like to hold back tears.

Never trust a smiling face,

To tell the truth to you,

For a smile is often put in place,

To hide deep pains from view.

K. Aldaya, 4/1/15

Picture: from Firefly; Summer Glau as River Tam; http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m74sr0MABR1rzve6xo1_500.gif

296. The Way Back Home


It was one of those bitter days,

When the cold gets to ones’ soul,

And one wonders in a million ways,

If the freeze will ever thaw.

She sat there on a concrete slab,

While the snow around her fell.

The world one color white and drab,

Was a snowglobe for a God.

She had no place to go to,

Home was many hours away,

And as the frosty wind blew,

She wished she’d worn a coat.

Hours flew by as she sat there,

Like a statue made of ice,

When a man nearby stopped to stare,

And they smiled to each other.

Sometimes we don’t realize,

How lost we truly are,

‘Til someone makes us recognize,

Through a simple phrase: “Are you okay?”.

She smiled like an automaton,

Replying: “Yes, I’m fine”.

-“Well, the storm is hitting us head-on,

So you should get home soon”.

He walked into a store nearby,

And as soon as he was gone,

She clutched her chest with a sigh,

And her eyes filled with tears.

Her heart began to weep…

She’d thought she was invisible,

Living in a hole so deep,

If she died none would see.

So many people walk right past,

They don’t care or realize,

How long a kind word can last,

Within a human heart.

One kind thought or word,

May save a soul one day;

Building a bridge with each word,

For a lonely castaway…

To find their way back home.

K. Aldaya, 3/31/15

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; https://p.gr-assets.com/540×540/fit/hostedimages/1423681671/13657858.jpg

295. Hourglass

The sands they shift,

Through the hourglass of the mind.

The me today which I know,

Tomorrow may not find.


Will the me I used to be,

Drown in the shifted sands,

Or will she reach and join with me?

I hope she understands.

Time changes us all,

Though we once were the same.

I’ve been changed by life.

Failed and overcame.

The sands are always shifting,

As the hourglass o’erturns.

I’ll ne’er forget those lost on the way,

And what each one learns,

To create the me of today.

K. Aldaya, 3/30/15

Picture:  Hourglass Photo uploaded by Lady Quintessa on Photobucket: http://s961.photobucket.com/user/Lady_Quintessa/profile/; http://media.photobucket.com/user/Lady_Quintessa/media/hourglass.jpg.html?filters%5Bterm%5D=anime%20hourglass&filters%5Bprimary%5D=images&filters%5Bsecondary%5D=videos&sort=1&o=10