267. Faithless



Does it exist?

For some maybe…but yet?

I fear there is no hope for me;

For I cannot forget.


Fades like fog,

From the day which journeys on.

I know no one will save me.

I step and step along.


Is a ghost.

I’ve heard it exists yet still,

I can’t see or feel its’ form;

It simply haunts my will.


Tell me how?

I know that I’m to save myself.

Yet, how….Oh God! How?

How does one save ones’-self?


Where and how?

I’m lost and I’m so scared.

How does one fight against ones’-self?

And come out unimpaired?


If I kill.

If part of me just dies away.

Would I still be ‘me’ anymore?

Or would I die as well that day?


Does it exist?

To me it is a mocking wraith.

I’m not capable of salvation.

No, I do not have your faith!

K. Aldaya, 4/15/14

Picture: Artist Unknown; http://www.scenicreflections.com/files/Captive_Angel_Wallpaper_lrcv9.jpg

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