267. Faithless



Does it exist?

For some maybe…but yet?

I fear there is no hope for me;

For I cannot forget.


Fades like fog,

From the day which journeys on.

I know no one will save me.

I step and step along.


Is a ghost.

I’ve heard it exists yet still,

I can’t see or feel its’ form;

It simply haunts my will.


Tell me how?

I know that I’m to save myself.

Yet, how….Oh God! How?

How does one save ones’-self?


Where and how?

I’m lost and I’m so scared.

How does one fight against ones’-self?

And come out unimpaired?


If I kill.

If part of me just dies away.

Would I still be ‘me’ anymore?

Or would I die as well that day?


Does it exist?

To me it is a mocking wraith.

I’m not capable of salvation.

No, I do not have your faith!

K. Aldaya, 4/15/14

Picture: Artist Unknown; http://www.scenicreflections.com/files/Captive_Angel_Wallpaper_lrcv9.jpg

266. A Rhyming Poem About Rhyming Poems


I’ve heard rhyme is obsolete,

And that it is a bore.

Poems in rhyme are tedious;

And furthermore they fuss,

“The quality: poor”.

Those pretentious elitists.

I don’t care what they say.

Rhyming is just what I do;

And I will continue to,

Write them out this way.

I will continue to write,

Though they will not publish.

They can say it’s pathetic.

Yes, in the head I’m thick.

Do as you so wish.

Why is the rhyme more important,

Than what my poems express?

The depth of what I’m saying?

Hear what I’m conveying;

Perceive and possess!

Rhyme is not some silly skill;

It is a song to me.

I hear it inside beating….beating….

Like my life-force greeting….through words…singing,

And I’m free!

K.Aldaya, 4/6/14

Picture: “Dancer in the Dark III” by Rijama on Deviant Art; http://rijama.deviantart.com/art/dancer-in-the-dark-III-88379195