208. A Lovers’ Dream

Mine eyes emerge from the chalice of dreams,

Drunk is the heart, as a lover, it seems.

Thy flesh is aglow as the glisten of dew,

Every morn, as thy face shines anew.

Enigmatic beauty in thy form,

Clouds all logic,

O’ thy presence is warm.

I care not of ‘morrow or any swift sorrow.

Thy life is my life, and thy strength I may borrow.

My lips cascade thy cloth-less, soft expanse,

Endless intoxications, to entrance.

For when morn turns to eve, and night to day,

I know not the reasons, but only the way;

That thy life fills my life,

And breathless I stand,

With my heart, thy heart,

And my hand in thy hand.

K. Aldaya, 04/10/07


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