134. Consention


You asked me to release my heart,

And let you tear it all apart.

You asked me to give everything,

And let you rape the eminent Spring.

I let you stare.

I let you care.

So I must have let you dare…,

To gather innocence for despair;

To mutilate the distinctions,

Between dream and nightmare.

You asked me to stretch forth my hands,

And let you bury ‘neath times’ sands.

You asked me to sing lullabies,

And let you mute the chanting cries.

I let you see.

I let you be.

So I must have let you free,

To alienate the alienee.

To misalign all truth and right,

Ever absorbed in the debris.

K. Aldaya, 4/17/05

Picture: by ecstasyart on Tumblr; http://ecstasyart.tumblr.com/post/117674003058/i-have-a-hand-you-have-another-put-them-together


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