129. La Luna Song

O’ la luna,

Dance me in your light.

Spin me through the blackened fields,

Grass-blades shimmering in your sight,

On this crisp October night.

O’ la luna,

Caress this soft eve-wind,

So it will lull with crawling flesh,

And whispering, “rescind, rescind”…,

Carry ‘way the soul un-skinned.


O’ la luna,

Revive they song and sing,

Of gallantry, valor true,

And hearty so it doth ring,

Echoing through everything.

O’ la luna,

Your presence dragoons,

The spirit to endure and frolic to the seeping tunes,

Flowing down from beacon-moons.

O’ la luna,

Drip down into me.

Sift through cracks of rusted-bone;

Free the longing reverie:

Fiery reserves of glee.

O’ la luna,

For in your light and air,

Fairies flutter whimsically,

In the weightless air, so fair;

Free, vibrant, without a care!

O’ la luna,

Bail out the prisoned-dream.

Deep beyond the bones and flesh is…,

A subsisting thought to deem:

There’s more life than what may seem.

O’ la luna,

Locked and chained to the law,

The conditions of judges,

Belie my core with a flaw;

And leaves me ‘lone and in awe.

O’ la luna,

Unsuited by the skin.

A realization’s found…,

Dancing with a fairy-spin,

A contentment long hidden.

O’ la luna,

From out the bones it runs,

Set loose upon the midnight,

To be and live, and dance suns,

Into the dark-world of shuns.

O’ la luna,

My spirit runs to thee,

Declaring in a whisper,

“Dance me in your light…hold me”.

And spins in the crisp-nights’ air,

The unquenchable passion to be.

K. Aldaya, 3/7/05

Picture:  from wildretina.com; Artist Unknown; http://www.wildretina.com/nature/photo/full-moon-in-night-sky-over-water.jpg


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