120. The Storm

Not all is lost,

In the flashing of light;

In the heavy charred and scarred…

Twirling…whirling, as fairies in twilight.

Calming: distrust.

Lightning Storm at Beach Over the Atlantic Ocean

For not all is lost,

In the brazen cold rain,

Brutal sun-execution.

Darkn’ning…yet hark’ning…

A mighty pound gain.

Quiet: chaosed.

Not all is lost,

See? Can you see tragedy?

Bolts of swift tumult reign.

Hear? Can you hear?

Look A man on the sea!

Conceiving this tempest,

With power embossed.

To calm, when timely, the storm within thee!

K. Aldaya, 2/3/05

Picture:  “Lightning Storm At Beach Over The Atlantic Ocean” by Kim Seng: http://captainkimo.com/; http://imgarcade.com/1/lightning-ocean-storm/


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