115. Eve Falls


Eve falls with warm whispering winds,

Caressing. Soothing. Coal-swept skies.

Wooden tresses toss their strands,

Swaying. Soft’ning. Wind-sent sighs.

Invasive murmurs pierce the calm.

Leering. Heaving. Speaking loud.

Of the sun golden and grand.

Shining. Sparkling. True and proud.

Befall ye cares of lost sunlight,

Resonate. Beseech, swift end;

For thick, so on air, to suffocate.

Painted. Vibrant dreams can’t fend.

Eves of passionate beauties.

Praising. Lusting nature’s glories.

Are mocked by mans’ vain campaigns.

Toiling. Foiling ‘neath the trees,

(Crawling on their knees).

O’ ignorant voices sounding,

Screaming. Yelling pointlessness.

Carrying condemnated-past,

Into this eve of kind progress.

Leave day and night estranged.

Cracked, bent branches cry to ye.

Leave some hope for a new day,

Fresh, clear, each night to see,

Giving strength to comfort thee.

K. Aldaya, 1/25/05

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://www.layoutsparks.com/1/10409/purple-is-cool-lovely-soothing-evening.html


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