111. Death is a Choice


Ah, reality bites deep into the flesh,

We creatures half-heartedly roam this world;

This world of flesh.

Repetitively tearing into each bone,

The fact of existing in idle suspense,

Nearing gravestone.

Each soul inside burns bright, scorching-crimson flames.

Suffering much with little meaning shown.

Living mind-games.

Here lakes of fire melt spirits to nothing.

You’re already in gruesome, damned hell.

To heaven sing!

Death is a choice of staying or going,

Passing a test of faith in conquering hell,

And heaven bestowing.

K. Aldaya, 12/18/04

Picture:¬† Artist Unknown; http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-AsO9CUEA4iY/UNtQu6qF0wI/AAAAAAAAAT0/HRrRCouTnE0/s1600/normal_Hell-On-Earth-1920×1200.jpg


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