108. Golden Memories


On a day many years ago,

In a town of old,

I walked the streets of gray,

To find myself some gold.

Not the gold that feeds the hand,

But a gold inside.

A moment that sparkles a kind,

Memory, for heart to hide.

Just one moment of a tree,

With brightly colored leaves.

In this autumn this old tree,

Kind remembrance ‘chieves.

It only takes a small deep glance,

At a common beauty,

To store away the memories of ,

All which the Earth finds duty.

Don’t forget to take a breath,

And see all there is to see.

For these lovely visions are,

What can make heart’s free.

K. Aldaya, 12/4/04

Picture:  “An Autumn Stroll-West Bennington Vermont” by Thomas Schoeller: http://thomas-schoeller.artistwebsites.com/; http://fineartamerica.com/featured/an-autumn-stroll-west-bennington-vermont-thomas-schoeller.html


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