99. Christmas


Snow is falling gently down,

On Decembers’ frosty ground.

The wind is still this night,

And white sparkling in moons’-light.

Inside a fireplace glows,

Warming up each entering nose.

Bright colored-lights are strung,

Wound ’round each and every rung.

A tree in the corner shines,

With ornaments covering the pines.

And a star in sky does appear,

Spreading a truth to all who hear.

That a child once was born,

Which the wise men did adorn,

Who would grow up to die,

For him, her, you, and I.

So on this blessed Christmas eve,

Give thanks for what you did receive,

A savior who is Christ the Lord,

A captain saving the overboard.

Unto his ship all sinners to save.

With his life, our sins he forgave.

Tonight let your hearts be glad,

For unto us a child was had.

Many, many years ago,

Born in a tiny stable low,

For God’s love, for us, to show.

K. Aldaya, 11/07/04

Picture: “Christmas Tree” by DreAminginDigITal on Deviant Art; http://dreamingindigital.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Tree-26876101


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