81. Itty-Bitty Happy Kitty

Happy kitty wandering,

Once itty-bitty, pondering,

What it will do next.

Happy kitty learned ’bout life,

Once itty-bitty, near mid-life.

Paws the sofa still.

Happy kitty, play a game,

Once itty-bitty, fun as aim,

Chasing every string.

Happy kitty, rub ‘gainst feet,

Once itty-bitty, but e’er sweet;

Purring for a pet.

Happy kitty, meow again,

Once itty-bitty, young always in,

These memories rich.

My beautiful, happy, baby kitty,

Ever in mind and heart itty-bitty.

K. Aldaya, 10/5/04

(For Belle)


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