75. Words Can’t Hurt You


Who again said “words can’t hurt you”?

That somehow words just flow right through?

I would rather be stabbed in head,

Than stabbed in back with words they’ve said.

Tearing people down with words,

Is the forte of cowards.

No scar left to show the attack,

They get away with every smack.

Never punished for their crimes,

Judicial records hold no times.

Though they injure to the soul,

Kill all that makes a person whole.

A scar, a cut, a bruise can heal,

But ever will those insults feel.

As if they were just said today,

Repeating in head the same way.

Can’t escape the memories,

They consume like a disease.

Go away! Stop yelling!

Don’t worry. There’s no telling!

No one cares that you slaughtered,

Cut my heart with every word.

You will get away with it,

Go ahead. Hit and hit!

Like you always say,

I deserve it anyway.

I wish you’d smack me this time.

You always threaten to, each time.

Hold your hand up like you will,

Instead throw the dog for a thrill.

Hear it crying and me too,

But hit me you will not do.

For you knew that I would wear,

Something that showed you were there.

You’re a coward. You knew,

My mom could punish me for you.

And no dirty work on hands,

From the toiling of your plans.

Who again said “words can’t hurt you”,

If only the hurt from words they knew.

K. Aldaya, 9/18/04

Picture:  “Words Hurt” by Skittles-And-Zombies on Deviant Art; http://www.deviantart.com/art/Words-Hurt-350592892


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