71. The Seed


A seed is dropped upon the ground,

Without a notice, without a sound.

Among lavished fields expanse,

Flowers, trees, and grass-blades dance.

Wind moves on, time on by,

Seed to flower there does lie.

Flower that swayed all alone,

Between two grand slabs of stone.

Flower with more flowers ’round,

But none in this constricting ground.

Flowing on, day by day,

Sun came, shined, then went away.

The flower held in the shadows,

Separate, unnoticed, ‘mid field flowers.

With the shade shed each day,

The flower lost some sun its’ way.

The rain poured down through the field,

‘Tween rock it never quite healed.

Drowning in the bitter-cold soil,

With sun-rays never to foil.

Flower tired from the fight,

Hopes to live another night.

Then one day a seed lands near,

Rain settled from falling here.

Long enough for many a seed,

To find good soil here to feed.

But the flower faded away,

Just as the new flowers say:

“You’re just like us you are”.

“Stay with us. Don’t go far”.

“You can’t leave! Not yet!”

“The sun is not a-setting yet”.

“Just forget about the wet,

Forget about the cold-sad nights,

With loneliness to lend your frights.”

But flower had already changed,

Into something un-arranged.

Flower was flower no more.

Fragment left of its’ true core.

Flowers come and flowers go,

But ‘tween those rocks they grow and grow.

Never recalling that seed long ago,

Which longed to be flower you know,

But wilted ‘fore this could be so.

K. Aldaya, 9/2/04

Picture:  “Field of Daisies and Wild Flowers with Rocky Mountains in Background” by Sandra Cunningham; http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-83264833/stock-photo-field-of-daisies-and-wild-flowers-with-rocky-mountains-in-background.html


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