70. The Star


O’ Bright star up on high,

Tell me everything.

So to know if God is nigh,

For to prove love’s not a lie.

O’ Sagacious star of night,

Tell me everything.

Through all time your shining light,

Hath seen the peace and seen the fight.

O’ Radiant beaming star,

Tell me everything.

Show me though afar,

That heavens’ gleaming light you are.

O’ Glorious star in the black,

Tell me everything,

All the wisdom that I lack.

Help me find some steady track.

O’ Great sparkling starlet,

Tell me everything.

Tell me how I can forget ’bout all,

But when we first met.

O’ Shimmering star in the sky,

Tell me everything,

For the night is ever nigh,

And I wonder why, oh why?

K. Aldaya, 8/15/04

Picture: “Night Sky Practice 1” by Sniggle-Wiggle on Deviant Art; http://sniggle-wiggle.deviantart.com/art/Night-Sky-practice-1-360693899


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