59. Tree-Pinned

Worries. Worries. Worries.

Are plenty in this world of ours.

Everyone’s in hurries.

To catch their skies’ bright stars.

Wishing. Wishing. Wishing.

For acknowledgement of their life.

Always in the dishing of unnecessary strife.

In death. In death. In death.

Will your successes count at all?

To others your life would be deaf,

Of the drive: societies’ call.

Living. Living. Living.

Should be like a leaf in the wind.

Giving. Giving. Giving.

Oneself freedom from life tree-pinned.

Never. Never. Never.

Drift by all this journey affords.

Why do you so sever the blissful happy you move towards?

K. Aldaya, 6/21/04


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