55. Back and Forth Living

Back and forth. Back and forth.

The winds hit the trees;

Winds from the North,

More than a breeze.

Tiny clouds. Tiny clouds.

Are all that is there.

Tiny sky shrouds,

Winded near bare.

Blue skies. Blue skies.

Allow for sun’s warm to glorify,

The planets’ form.

Today now. Today now.

This place seems happy,

‘Gods’ great endow,

To you and to me.


A moment. A moment.

Is all it can bring.

All sin descends,

My heart can’t sing.

Reality. Reality.

Returns here once more.

New gravity.

I hit the floor.

K. Aldaya, 3/22/04

Picture: “Zero Gravity Series” by Nikolay Tikhomirov; http://www.123inspiration.com/zero-gravity-surreal-photos-of-women-floating-by-nikolay-tikhomirov/


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