45. Not Like You


I just can’t truly relate,

To others at any rate.

I just don’t fit in here,

Near others I so fear.

I just am so afraid,

I wish I could just fade.

I just am so alone,

But for others live as stone.

I just don’t understand,

How you can live in this land?

I just don’t think like you,

I don’t feel the way you do.

That is why I am so hated,

Forever unloved and berated.

Leave me be and let me stay,

In my own world, locked away.

Never to be known or seen,

For eternity behind my screen.

K. Aldaya, 3/14/04

Picture:  Artist Unknown; http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gVknTK0QANk/T90WilbWrzI/AAAAAAAADSE/14giGjbyvLU/s1600/dungeon.jpg


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