5. Two Worlds


The wind it blows through these wheat fields.  The sun shines down, warming the air.  I stand amidst this stunning beauty just looking all around. The ground is soft. The air is cool and light. The clouds they are many and scattered about in this sky that is bluer than ever before.  The scents in the air are of perfumes of angels, and the wind blows with a lightness that goes right to the bones.  I close my eyes and breathe it all in and hope that this will never end.  Suddenly the sky grows dark and the sun is gone and nowhere in sight.  The wheat in the distance starts to fall and vanish; leaving only  the dark dirt in its’ wake.  Quickly it moves…closer and closer, until all around me is dirt; and the scent in the air of damp soil burdens my lungs making each new breath harder and harder.  Then all at once the wind dies as well and my body feels heavy and weak.  I just stand there in this scene of nothing wishing this scene never had to appear; but this scene and world is reality and the other only something that can be in my dreams.  So I fall to the ground and close my eyes wishing that this world didn’t have to be and the world with the life was the ‘real’ reality; not this picture of emptiness and desolation…this world of nothingness, nothing, none….life, totally gone.

K. Aldaya, 9/21/02

Picture: Photographer Unknown; http://wheatgrassbenefitsreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/golden-wheat-field.jpg


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