39. Each of Us


Here I sit through window glazing,

Watching the world flowing; blazing.

Each passerby is on their way to what they are to do today.

Each person has a mission and purpose,

To their movements; discretions; fuss.

Each as important as the other,

To a ‘God’ one’s not more loved than another.

Each person a soul; life; influence.

A cog in the clock of time; in a sense.

Each so important to this world of ours.

Treat each not as if they’re from Mars.

Treat as you yourself would like,

Each elder, adult, teen, and tike.

They are a piece of this world too,

So watch what, to others, you may do.

K. Aldaya, 2/23/04

Picture:  Photographer Unknown; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=17332719


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