11. The Finish Line of Life


Look, there in the distance, it’s the finish line.

I’m running now, towards it, will victory be mine?

I don’t seem to be gaining,

I have time,

No worries.

Time is going so slowly,

Now there are flurries.

Seasons are passing with the setting suns.

I am growing weaker, weighing of tons.

Still, there in the distance the end lies.

No closer have I gotten it’s the same size!

All I can think is will I make it?

Down the road will that line, I hit?

It is so hard already and more?

How much longer to the end of this tour?

I try to stay strong, keep going.

With no gains to see, I’m slowing.

Can anything make this a bit easier?

“Maybe for others”, they say, “Not for her”.

So, it’s still there, the finish line.

An unsure course.

Will victory be mine?

K. Aldaya, 4/21/03

Picture: Artist Unknown; http://dustinzender.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/finish-line.jpg


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